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1 Comment 10 December 2007

My buddy, Bob Ewing, over at Shakyard, has created his very own social networking site designed specifically for the natural gardener.

Bob used a service called Ning to create his social networking site and while their are many online services that allow you to create your own customized networking site, Ning prides themselves in being the only service that allows you to accomplish this for free.

It’s a great concept and while sites like MySpace and Facebook, often times, are too public for their own good, Ning offers users the chance to create a private social media portal…….

“As with walk-up-and-publish tools like Blogger, TypePad and pbwiki,
Ning enables anyone to create a privately branded social network into
which one can invite others to publish content such as weblog entries,
videos, photos, forum discussions and live chats.”

I would have to agree with the bloggers at Content Blogger, in that content technology platforms for social media, like this, are just beginning to touch the surface in a world of a networks that don’t offer the advantages of control and interest that Ning does. It will be interesting to see what develops and who develops what in 2008.

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1 comment

  1. Bob Ewing says:

    Thanks for the article, your blog is very timely all the best.

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