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Social Media: A Balancing Act

2 Comments 12 December 2007

As a mom, working at home, it is often a challenge to budget my time between, marriage, house, work and kids. I know other work-at-home moms have the same struggles and what makes it even harder is when you love your job and simply don’t want to stop Digging or Stumbling to take care of other responsibilities.

Working at home requires serious self discipline, and Brian, over at Collective Thoughts, has 7 surefire ways to own social media before it owns you, that will give any person involved in Social Media an effective way to balance work and family life……..

“Can we really multitask as well as we think? Kathy Sierra, one of my favorite bloggers ever, would argue that we cannot multitask effectively.

Brian seems to think we can and gives seven great tips to keep us multitaskers from experiencing social media overload. My favorite is #5, “Family Time”……….

“Family time. Whether you’re an 18 year old social media pro or someone with a wife and kids, your family likes you. Walk away from the computer for a few minutes. You might notice that your kids have grown since you last looked at them”

In all the excitement of growing a new blog and devoting my life to Stumble Upon I have not been very good at forcing myself to walk away from the computer in a disciplined manor. The good news is, with the holidays approaching and a new year ahead a resolution is in order and I’ll be using Brian’s list to get started.

pixel Social Media: A Balancing Act

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  1. Shana Albert says:

    Great post!! As you already know….. I feel your pain, Miss. Social Momma!!

    Thanks for the mention and keep up the great work.


  2. Kristen says:

    Thanks for visiting. Yes, it is a lot of work but oh so very fun too.

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