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Social Media is not limited to communities of people, pictures or videos. There are many sites in the world of Web 2.0 that favor bookmarking trends. One of those sites is Stylehive, and they have become a leader in the realm of socially bookmarking your favorite products, the stores that sell them and the people that find them.

Evidently, with Stylehive you don’t have to join to enjoy it. You can browse or sign up through RSS, but the best way to experience Stylehive to its fullest is to join in and build your own hive…….

  • Build your own part of the hive by creating tagged collections to share
  • Comment and speak with other hive members
  • Build your own 24/7 shopping magazine by following the people you like
  • Build and share your own shopping “wishlists” for the holidays, weddings and parties
  • Professionals can promote themselves and get noticed by the world for their style
  • Join the fun, by helping build the hive with hot bookmarks and recruiting people with style

Karen over at Loved did not know that Stylehive was a a social community for people to discover or be updated on what’s HOT and what’s NOT…..

“It focuses entirely on products and shopping - which I know you girls would love! If you’re a fashionista guru well, this is the perfect place for you to
share your expertise and knowledge about fashion. Or check out some of
the latest fashion all over the world!”

The Stylehive community is shaping the way people shop. From retail experiences to fashion faux pas, you will find what’s hot. Right now. And you can tell others the same.

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