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Tiny Bubbles… Make Me Happy, Make Me Feel Fine

0 Comments 14 December 2007

John Blossom, over at Shore, discussed a really interesting topic in his post on “Tiny Bubbles: Social Media Explodes in a Thousand Small New Ways“. John answers the question, “Is there a social media bubble?” with a simple yes and no………

“There’s no doubt that there is nearly as much ill-counseled money chasing so-so ideas for Web content as there was in the heyday of the dot-com boom. The difference this time around, though, is an explosion of tiny bubbles in online publishing courtesy of Web 2.0 technologies and the acceptance of social media as a key publishing venue.”

It’s inevitable that some of these bubbles will pop and some will grow bigger and bigger. It’s a fact, that on-line conversations can be started by anyone, anywhere about anything and they are here to stay no matter how big or how small of a bubble they are. But John asks a really good question,

“So if personal and enterprise users control the production, the distribution and
the aggregation of content, and infrastructure companies like Google control the contextualization, what’s left at the bottom of the glass of bubbly for today’s media companies?”

I can’t help but think these media companies will surely think of something.

pixel Tiny Bubbles... Make Me Happy, Make Me Feel Fine

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