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Comments Off 31 January 2008

Hi I am Kristen Munson and I am the owner of Social Media Mom. I am a social media consultant in the St. Louis area. I am also one of the founding fathers of a total home site called Shakadoo. I had the privilege of building this blog portal to 50,000 page views in a [...]

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January Roundup: The Best In Mom Networking Sites

Social Networking

January Roundup: The Best In Mom Networking Sites

46 Comments 31 January 2008

Mom-to-mom wisdom is all over the place in the social media realm. Moms are blogging, sharing photos, sharing videos, and organizing groups, like never before, in order to connect with other moms with similar interests. I found this space to be so constant, engaging and extremely interactive that I have put together a list of [...]

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Interview With One Of The Twittertale And Politweet’s Creators, Doug March

2 Comments 29 January 2008

Brian gave 10 great reasons to do interviews on your blog, so I took his advice and choose someone that I am quite fascinated with to do my first interview at Social Media Mom, Doug March. Doug is one of the great minds behind the tattletale Twitter site, Twittertale, and the more recent Politweets, a [...]

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A Portable Community

No Comments 28 January 2008

Tech talk can be just that; tech talk, and if you’re not knowledgable of tech things then some valuable information can easily be lost in translation. That’s one reason why I appreciate Jeremiah Owyang’s blog. Jeremiah goes out of his way to interpret web strategies for us less techy folks by providing us the real [...]

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Stumble Upon

Stumble The Candidates

1 Comment 25 January 2008

I am a huge fan of StumbleUpon. In fact, I am 88% addicted to StumbleUpon and I love it when I come across something a fellow blogger has stumbled and it moves me to blog about it. A good example of this would be one of Muhammad Saleem’s latest stumbles regarding the presidential candidates…….. “Stumble [...]

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Just What Is The Digg Crew Recommending?

3 Comments 23 January 2008

Yesterday the social networking site, Digg was down for a “brief period” while they performed some type of maintenance to the site. Rather than just posting a “down, come back later” message to diggers, Digg decided to list a few sites that they recommend.     “Digg will be down for a brief period, while [...]

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