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Social Media Training Wiki

1 Comment 22 January 2008

The bloggers at Social Media Training have a very interesting project going on. Due to the fact that social media is becoming a topic that no professional communicator can afford to ignore, SMT has developed a wiki that will hopefully become a great resource for those looking to evangelize social media in their organizations. The [...]

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Social Networking

Teen Web Language Decoded

11 Comments 21 January 2008

My teenagers spend a lot of time on the internet coddling and cooing their Facebook pages and as I walk by with an armful of laundry, I sometimes glance at the computer screen to see just what they are up too. Unfortunately for me, it appears to be all in code. Teen code that is, [...]

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DE Sphinn??

16 Comments 17 January 2008

It seems that Sk*rt is not the only social media site adding down voting to their site and a conversation has exploded over at the niche social media site, Sphinn about the fact that they too are looking to implement the negative vote option to their posts…….. “We’ve mentioned in various threads over the past [...]

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Stumble Upon

Are You Addicted To Stumble Upon?

8 Comments 16 January 2008

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Sk*rt Enables Down Voting

No Comments 15 January 2008

Thanks to some excellent software, Sk*rt developers have now added a vote down feature for their community. In case you’re not familiar with Sk*rt, Sk*rt is a social media platform that caters to those interested in smart finds, cool ideas, and information about products. It is a family friendly site that up until now has [...]

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Visual Twitter

3 Comments 14 January 2008

The Twitter API has evolved into yet another way to communicate what you are doing, except this time it’s not about telling others what you are doing but showing others what you are doing………. “A global community of users answering the question……What are you doing? Answer by sending a picture from your camera phone.” This [...]

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