Politweets: A Political Twittertale

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Okay, so I am beginning to sound a bit obsessed with Twittertale. I can’t help it. Doug and his team at Character140 keep coming up with such innovative ideas that greatly affect social media that I simply must share it!

His newest project: A site much like Twittertale, in that it tracks words on the public time line, however this time it is political. The site is called Politweets and it combs Twitter for citizen journalists talking about the primary and presidential campaign season and catalogues their comments…….

“We saw a great need for one site where users could find more
information about the presidential race,” said chief strategist behind, Doug March. “We tracked candidates on the local level
and found many Twitter users asking, ‘Does Hillary Clinton have a
twitter account?’ As social networking plays an increasingly important
role in online campaigning, we wanted to offer Twitter users and voters
a political forum to help inform their Election Day decisions.”

Already, there is quite the chatter going on, with the center column on Politweets showing the most popular candidates
on Twitter. This list will reshuffle the candidates in real-time if one
candidate is talked about more than another. Prominent Twitter
users include presidential candidates, John Edwards and Barack Obama
with more than 6,000 Twitter followers.

Evidently, as more candidates join in the conversation, more and more features will be added to the site and Doug assures me, that just because the political season is upon us, they are not turning their backs on Twittertale. In fact, quite the contrary, Doug and his team are going to continue creating new sites using this micro-blogging technology to bring us all kinds of interesting topics to Twitter about…….

“Ultimately, the technology on which Twittertale and Politweets was built could be used in a variety of ways. We want to take this technology to public relations and marketing companies so they can track the success of their clients’ campaigns, create online visibility and benchmarks, and access real-time market penetration statistics.”

What do you think the next Tweet topic should be for the brains over at Character140? Let’s see….we’ve got swear words and politics, it seems only fitting that religion should come next.

pixel Politweets: A Political Twittertale

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