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1 Comment 22 January 2008

The bloggers at Social Media Training have a very interesting project going on. Due to the fact that social media is becoming a topic that no professional communicator can afford to ignore, SMT has developed a wiki that will hopefully become a great resource for those looking to evangelize social media in their organizations.

The unique part about this particular wiki is that they are tapping into the knowledge of social media users to create social media training and everyone is invited to participate in this one……..

“What should a ‘Social Media 101′ course cover? What
tools should people be aware of? How should we use those tools? What
are the pitfalls? What are the basics that everyone in your
marketing/communications department should know?”

A few bullet points have already been added but surely there is so much more to social media that should be added. Check it out. Ad your ideas by signing up for this wiki and let your social media voice be heard.

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  1. T says:

    Now THIS is an awesome development. Thanks for sharing.

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