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Teen Web Language Decoded

11 Comments 21 January 2008

My teenagers spend a lot of time on the internet coddling and cooing their Facebook pages and as I walk by with an armful of laundry, I sometimes glance at the computer screen to see just what they are up too. Unfortunately for me, it appears to be all in code. Teen code that is, and confusion ensues. What is a mother to do?

Thanks to MSNBC, I can see clearly now because the rain of confusion is gone for good with a very comprehensive list of acronyms and expressions that teens use on their web pages. Things like………

ROTFL- Rolling on the Floor Laughing

RU- Are You?

RUMORF- Are You Male Or Female

RUOK- Are you Okay?

SorG- Straight or Gay

SWDYT- So What Do You Think?

TDTM- Talk Dirty To Me

THX or TX or THKS- Thanks

TLK-2-U-L-8-R- Talk to You Later

TMI- Too Much Information

TOM- Tomorrow

TTYL- Talk to You Later

WTF- What The F***

WTG- Way to Go

WYCM- Will You Call Me?”

Okay, so I knew that “LOL” meant “laugh out loud”, and that “ROFL” meant “rolling on floor laughing”, as I’ve actually used these terms in comments I’ve made on blog posts before but I had no idea that “LMIRL” meant “let’s meet in real life” or that “P911″ meant “parent alert”. These codes are good to know and you can find the whole list here. Consider yourself hip on the things of teenagers, for a day anyway.

pixel Teen Web Language Decoded

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  1. webduck says:

    I have one for them: TWITS Teens Wasting Internet Time Socially. LOL

    Just kidding. :)

  2. Kristen says:

    How about this one….GGDR “Gotta Go, Dinner’s Ready! LOL

  3. feefifoto says:


    One more way for me to be totally uncool — oops — un KEWL

  4. Mark Dykeman says:

    I remember seeing acronyms like LOL, HHOK, and ROTFL in amateur press associations in the 1980s. Although LOL and ROTFL laughing probably only gained popularity on computer BBSs and Usenet. Never heard P911 before, though (good one!)

  5. IAAdmin says:

    It is a interesting language, if you have teenagers; one you need to know.

    Will you be my BFF?…………LOL

  6. Greg says:

    No..anyone who uses these are stupid wannabes. Well, that being said, anyone who is on facebook is a stupid wannabe, so I guess it makes sense.

  7. Greg says:

    While I am at it, half of these “cool online teen web stuff lingo” do not exist. “pos” does not mean parents over shoulder, it means piece of sh**. Also, if any of these are used in all caps, you know the person using them is either under the age 13 and wants to look cool, or are immature morons.

  8. Kristen says:

    Well, Greg, thanks for sharing.

  9. Nicole And Elle says:

    Greg babes, you have no life and the only reason you don’t have facebook is because you will have no friends k.
    You are flicking through these websites, so stop moaning and get a life. goodbye. much love.

  10. Nicole And Elle says:

    Dan CHappell Your probably are just a 40 year old virgin. love you baby.

  11. Mehek says:

    This one is nice and cool.. many people use it also.. TTH = Talk to the hand :P

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