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No, I’m not going to tell you a tale about Twitter. However, if you ever use swear words on Twitter someone could tell on you!

Evidently, if you’re an avid Twitter user and have a pottymouth to boot, Twittertale will be notified every time you use a bad word. Kristen Nicole, over at Mashable, gave it a deliberate try and she says, “they are fast“……..

“I updated my own Twitter account and admittedly used a naughty word (it
was only 3 letters!). You can imagine my surprise when I saw it nearly
in real time on Twittertale. Yes, I totally just told on myself.
Thanks, Twittertale.”

Even if you’re not into using swear words to update your Tweets, you can still check out all the choice words your fellow Twitterers have used………….

“Down the center of the page, you’ll see the recent curse words various
Twitter users have employed. Along the right side of the page, you’ll
see the words that are most often used, as well as the most frequent

Twittertale gives a list of the top 5 naughty words as well as the top 5 habitual offenders. Although, this could ignite some privacy issues in the future, for now, I am hoping Twittertale will actually set up a Twitter account so I can follow all the bad-word posts that come in. I agree with Kristen, that would be hilarious. After all, sometimes a descriptive four letter word is just what an update needs to express the emotion of “what we are doing right now”!

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  1. Doug says:

    Thanks for the post about twittertale. We do have an account on twitter, it is “theprincipal”, however if you follow the “theprincipal” you will not get any updates that are on twitter, only the ones that we send out.

    An RSS Feed, or another solution to this might be in the future, however we are focusing our efforts on something a little more practical with the same technology. Hopefully we will get it out Monday. Stay tuned!

  2. That is great Doug, I will surely check it out! Do let me know what you have coming on Monday. Can’t wait!

  3. Doug says:

    Just wanted to give you heads up that twittertale now has an rss feed.

  4. Thank you Doug. I will put something up right away!

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