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February Roundup: Social Networking Sites For Kids

56 Comments 29 February 2008

Social networking is definitely not limited to adults. As you can see, there is a wide variety of sites that are geared towards our youth and while the idea is to get kids participation by playing games, it is already setting the foundation for the next generation of social media users.


If you know of a site that your kids participate on that is not listed here, please leave a comment as this list will be updated throughout the year.

Must be at least 16 years of age:

Friendster PR 4 Online community connecting friends

Must be at least 14 years of age:

MySpace PR 8 A Place For Friends

Must be at least 13 years of age & in high school:
Facebook PR 8 Social Utility that connect people with those around them

Must be at least 13 years of age:

Hi 5 PR 6 Who’s in?
PR 7 A weblog community
PR 6 Chat with friends in 3D
PR 6 Online virtual world
Chamber of Chat
PR 6 Harry Potter online role playing game
Second Life
PR 8 3D Virtual World
PR 6 Online adventure community
PR 7 Create a network of friends and share files, links & events
PR 6 Share your activities
PR 5 Social networking through personal development
43 Things
PR 7 Microblogging site to share with community
PR 7 Social network for sharing and entertainment
Gaia Online
PR 6 Virtual community with games, message boards & economy
PR 6 Virtual music community
Windows Live Spaces
PR 7 Community of friends for sharing and blogging

No Age minimum but must have parents approval:
Imbee PR 6 Social Networking designed for kids 8-12
Active Worlds PR 6 3D virtual world chat
Boom Bang PR 4 Chat, make friends and explore a virtual world
Dofus PR 6 Mulit player online role playing game
Awol PR 3 Chats, games, diary, friends, & cribs
Sanriotown PR 6 Hello Kitty games, community, blogs and forums
Webkinz PR 6 Virtual pet community for plush pets
Club Penguin PR 6 Virtual world for kids
Marapets PR 3 Virtual pet site with games and chat community
Shining Stars PR 5 Chatting, naming stars and virtual star worlds
Neopets PR 6 Virtual world for pets
Endless Online PR 4 Community role playing games
Eternal Lands PR 5 Community role playing games
Furcadia PR 5 Community role playing game
Graal Online PR 5 Community role playing games
Guild Wars
PR 6 Community role playing games
Hero Online PR 4 Community warfare games
Millsberry PR 4 Home building community

There are hundreds more of the community role playing sites for kids, they are all very much the same so I decided not to list them all here. These types of games are not may favorite nor are they the “best” as far as networking sites for kids goes. However, they do allow certain features such as chats and interactive situations with other kids online. You can see a larger list of these Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPGs) here.

The important thing to remember when it comes to kids and social media is that parents should always have a very good idea of the games, people and sites their children are involved in, no matter how old the child is. The terms and conditions of these sites are set for a reason, abuse of them only creates problems. I’m also a firm believer in having access to all passwords for my kids accounts. Kids will argue about the invasion of privacy but let’s face it, their privacy is not nearly as important as their safety.

For more information on just how radically the internet is transforming the experience of childhood, check out Growing Up Online by Frontline. Frontline has created a great conversation by taking families into the very public and private worlds that are being created online. They are raising important questions and giving parents a chance to talk.

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56 Comments so far

  1. Char says:

    What a nice comprehensive list! My kids are 11, 9 and 6 and are starting to show interest in some of these sites. The girls already have Webkinz accounts and they have all done their time with Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom too.

  2. spostareduro says:

    Wow Kristen..great idea for a post! I love it! Of course, it couldn’t have come from a more relevant source. *-) Thanks..I’m Stumbling and Sphinning!

  3. KatFrench says:

    I was going to mention, which my son used to love, but apparently it’s been closed since December.

    Good list, Kristen!

  4. socialmediamom says:

    Char- As I sit here my 5 year old is playing Millsberry across from me.

    Kimberly- You’re so sweet. Thanks for the love.

  5. Jedimom says:

    Nice post Kristen. Very useful for parents. Our 11 year old just got her own computer. Your list will be handy when setting up filters.

  6. Carol says:

    Wow! Great list Kristen. I didn’t know there were so many, and you did a wonderful job of researching which age they are appropriate for. I will have to send this to our son and his wife. Thanks!

  7. This is a great list. My kids are 9 and 11. My son loves the pirates of the carribean game on and it seems like a social networking site too. He’ll tell the neighbor kid to “meet me at Tortuga”.

    Too funny.

    Anyway - great post.

  8. Quizzes says:

    This is a great list, Kristen. I work in this space, and there were a few key competitors of ours that I just learned about for the first time. Thanks.

    I also have one to add. Similar to Tickle is the PR5 quiz-oriented social networking site In addition to being a social network, it also provides a Flash-based embed version of quizzes and polls that you can post externally.

    Disclosure: I work for Quibblo. But hey, I saw your list and I really thought that we belonged on it. We are a social network with hundreds of thousands of members, and most of our usership is under 18.

  9. Sundar says:

    At anyone can create fun flash games online using a web browser. We see a lot of users as young as 8 at our site and we require a parent’s approval if they are under 13.

  10. Jeff Quipp says:

    Great resource Kristen. Thank you for creating this!

  11. Great list. Thank you. Some I’ve heard of and some I haven’t.

    Thank you.

  12. socialmediamom says:

    Sundar and Quizzes- Thanks for letting us know about your sites.

  13. Linda N says:

    My kids also like to play at and Pogo. But we think we may have picked up a recent addition of spyware from Pogo, which has TONS of popup ads.


  14. Adrienne Kelsey says:

    Hello Kristen.

    Thank you very much for creating this resource.
    As a mother, it’s very valuable to know what kinds of websites my child may be playing on.

    Another website you may want to add to the list in the “No age minimum …” section is Anash Interactive - an interactive online destination where kids ages 8 - 14 years old can create comics, build stories, play games, share their comics and stories with other users, and learn about an endangered culture. It’s found at

  15. Kim Paglioni says:

    I was just told about new site that is going to launch for kids I was told not only safe but had redeeming values..has anyone heard of it..I went to their site and emailed the owner and they indicated it will be a launching soon. My friend said they saw the product already during a investor presentation and they where blown away..

  16. Raj Yadav says:

    Hi, Thanks for this nice post…this is realy great… i think you have missed a great portal for kids i.e.

  17. Carmen Vj says:

    Thanks. This is great list of social sites for kids. Exactly what I have been looking for. This is great for my little ones and you have them all in one place. Very convenient.

  18. Bobbie says:

    I haven’t seen anyone mention the Beacon Street Girls — we announced our safe social network for preteens in July. Kids create a user name, parents receive a notification email but no personally identifiable information is ever really shared — posts and comments are all monitored before they are posted. Great place for girls based on the popular book series, it is modeled on a junior high with lockers to decorate, clubs and teams to join, etc. (click on the Club BSG in the top nav to join.)

  19. dipti says:



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    We give a platform to all the children who deserve recognition for the effort they put into producing their original artworks. This is a nurturing ground for artistic talent.
    It’s an online art gallery for children to build their confidence and encourage their imaginations.
    This gallery is a nurturing ground for artistic talent. And we welcome Artists to upload their artwork.
    We provide a service where you keep the artwork in your possession and we will showcase your art on our website for no charge.

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  20. Dave says:

    Thanks for this list.

    My needs seem to be different from most here. I’m not really looking for a social networking tool for my 7yo daughter, but rather a personal web-page creation & hosting tool. She wants to make a fashion web page, and I want her to be able to upload pictures and edit content without my intervention (except perhaps approval), so ease of use is key.

    Can you offer any suggestions?



  21. Dave says:

    Sorry to ask the obvious, but what does “PR 5” mean?

  22. JS says: offers a social networking platform for pre-teens with the ability to build your own homepage, post pictures, videos, music, webshows and more. It is great. The best part of the site is the safe gurads for this age group. It is a place to ” Get Discovered”.

  23. Ariel says:

    KidZui is an awesome tool for kids. It’s a safe web browser for kids which includes kid-safe social networking. They also have more than one million websites, pictures and videos for kids to search for. My kids love it! Let me know what you think.

  24. Greg Acuna says:

    Thanks for the great list of social networks for kids. Just what I was looking for. Very helpful. Hope when you have time you’ll do your take on the different sites. I’ve found your posts very insightful and would be interested in hearing what sites you like, what you don’t and why.

    Keep up the great work.

  25. Squeeky says:

    Great personal social networking site geared towards teaching kids to be safe online… parents have accounts and serve as “hall monitors.” completely free… must know a current member to join.

  26. Mike Samuals says:

    Growing concern over how facebook and myspace have predators, sparks a growth in safe haven for our youth. Very nice collection and up to the minute on the topic. Good job. Other to include would be and I am not affiliated with these sites but I do know that they are 11 year old friendly and they do delete bad accounts.

    [editor’s note: the commenter left “” for his url, and perhaps may be affiliated with said site]

  27. sasha says:

    you should put social networks for kids and not games i would rather talk to my friends and it be like a myspace

  28. Aidan says:

    Hi Very nice list!
    My parents like to have me supervise my kid sister, since I know more on the net than them. But this site has helped them understand what she does - and what I do too.
    Currently she’s playing a cute MMO named GalaXseeds, which I don’t see of the list - but then there are so many different MMOs out there…

  29. Deanna says:

    Have you checked out It has all the elements of FaceBook but more for kids and it’s completely safe. Create tribes within families or what they refer to as a safe circle to interact with each other. They have real challenges and real rewards for completing challenges. Pretty cool stuff you may want to check out.

  30. Hesham says:

    Very nice post, I love your writing style, I know some kids who are computer geeks by nature!

  31. Susan says:

    I can’t find where the ratings (PR 4 etc) are defined. Can anyone help?

  32. John says:

    I found a very nice social network for my kids They love it the good thing is the parents control the kids activity with the parent,s email

  33. Kelly says:

    There is a new social networking site for kids and teens called My younger cousins are usually on or

  34. Isaac says:

    Be the cool parent by letting your kids have their own profile! You can monitor ALL of your children’s activity and even see who has viewed their pics and how many times! It’s the Facebook for families, and the next BIG thing! Register for free at:

  35. Hi, there is another one online virtual world for kids 7-13-years old -
    Kids can play free online games, look after virtual pets, chat to friends, watch videos, enter competitions and win prizes.

  36. julie says:

    What about It’s like facebook but made especially for tweenagers, and they can only be friends by exchanging chipz in person! Much safer i.m.o.

  37. socialmediamom says:

    @Julie: we put this list together before Facechipz was out on the scene, but had later reviewed Facechipz as well here. Thanks for asking! :)

  38. Erika says:

    Before I worked in technology for kids (I work for Togetherville) I worked in nonprofit program development in relational aggression and cyberbullying. For 5 years, I heard first-hand accounts from parents and teachers who were trying to deal with at-risk behaviors online. There have been so many barriers to putting kids online And up to this point, we’ve only been giving kids online experiences that make them anonymous and shut them off from real people in their life in order to keep them safe. Social media works for kids only when it can help guide them to develop healthy, safe norms for online behavior. Young kids isolated in a faceless virtual world don’t necessarily do this for each other. While identity play IS important to kids, so is learning to to interact within the online social context with real people they already know :) Those are skills that will stick with them as they grow and transition into the 13+ social networking world.

  39. socialmediamom says:

    @Erika: thanks for letting us know about - we’ll check it out! :)

  40. Hannah says:

    Isn’t MSN classed as a social networking site. It allows people of any age to access it and is completely safe, I think.

  41. Kesara says:

    Hi really great list! as a 12 year old i spend many hours on google looking for great virtual sites and social networking sites…here’s one site thats really great : u can play games to earn Rox (currency) u can chosse ur own pet monster out of 6,u can decorate ur room(s),u can earm trophies when u level up,u can lure friends 4 ur monster with special seeds that u plant in ur backyard and much more!

  42. Hayden says:

    Hey I think is an awesome website! Just one for everyone to try!!!!!!!

  43. Chris says:

    Hi I am a primary school teacher and I am currently trying to teach the children in my class how to be safwhen social networking. I am meeting strong opposition from some of the other teachers as they are worried about the safety of the children although the children are always supervised. This list which is ace by the way will help convince some of the teachers that we live in a more digital world than they will ever know.

  44. Summer Camps says:

    Best you should edit the page subject title February Roundup: Social Networking Sites For Kids to more catching for your webpage you create. I enjoyed the blog post nevertheless.

  45. New on the list… is a faith-based, family-friendly social networking site for K-8 families. My girls are 6, 10, 12 and have fun networking, messaging & chatting with approved connections. Online Book Clubs, Bible Studies, safe links, surveys, quizzes, videos, profile pages, etc… Family Membership is only $14.99 per year and $5 goes to one of three charities. You can network within your child’s school or within your church community as well.
    Parents must set up Membership and child has a sub-account connected to parent.
    No Advertising, No Anonymous Users

  46. Kate says:

    My sister has started using a site that was innocently enough called ‘drawing now.’ She asked for an account to save her tutorials on - and we thougth that was all it was capable of. Instead, the members are provided with profiles that look and work almost exactly like MySpace! They can upload pictures, add friends, comment on others walls, put in an about me. Be careful! Check everything! My 10 year old sister accessed social networking without anyone else knowing. Luckliy she was being safe, but I can only imagine her adding someone she didn’t know at all… she had one on her list she had never met, who proved to be a good friend’s cousin. Still scary. Just wanted parents to be aware that “” is a myspace like social networking site.

  47. Siva says:

    Thanks for the wonderful article! I love kids very much, and I have started a new website called Pumpyumpy4Children. It will serve two main purposes, one is for connecting the orphanage homes and other for the children. It follows the standard social networking features. For a clear information on how to use, go through the link

  48. James says: Kidzworld is a safe social network for kids


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