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Post On Fire is a fairly new social networking/bookmarking site that is already off to a fantastic start. Having launched late last year, Post On Fire is currently reporting over 20,000 unique visitors and over 500,000 page views.

What makes this site unique is that it is all about the blogger……..

When a new link to a blog post is submitted, it will be added instantly to our “just submitted”
section. When a blog post link in the “just submitted” section receives enough votes and less
“extinguish”, it will move to the front page “hot posts”.

“Extinguish” is a feature that let users report a link that is not worthy or it’s a spam. When a
blog post link receives too much “extinguish”, it will be discarded.

Topics include everything from business to blogging and pets to politics. They encourage bloggers to submit their own posts as well as leaving comments on other’s submissions. In fact, things are going so well and their community is growing so rapidly they have started a contest with some fantastic prizes that will surely promote anyone’s blog……….

-There will be 1 winner
-And The prizes are:

a) 1 banner at on the sidebar on every page (100s of pages - site wide)

b) 1 banner at PostOnFire Blog ( main page PR3)

c) 2000 EntreCard credits ( That’s a good amount of credits to buy tons of ads)

d) A review of the winner’s site.

Hop on over and take a look see if maybe some posts you’ve written can ignite and drive some traffic to your site.

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