Social Media Mom Scores 92 Out Of 100 On SEO Website Grader

6 Comments 05 February 2008

Social media has been my passion for about a year. I started blogging two years ago and when I realized the influence social media can have on blogging, well…it was love at first site. As I grew more in touch with the different aspects of social media, it was not long before I found out what a big part SEO plays in social media.

I know very little about SEO, so I ordered the SEO Book through Shana’s site in hopes to teach myself. I have not received the book yet but I did StumbleUpon this post at Techcrunch about a new site that actually grades your website based on it’s natural search results…..

“Want to know how to get your Website high up in natural search results,
but don’t want to pay a search engine optimization (SEO) firm just to
find out what you are doing wrong? Now you can get a free, automated
evaluation of your site on Website Grader. Just type in your Website address, and it will spit out a report detailing what you can do to boost your site’s SEO juice.”

Social Media Mom scored 92 out of 100. Unfortunately that does not mean my site received an “A” per say, what this does mean is that of the hundreds of thousands of websites that
have previously been evaluated, their algorithm has calculated that this
site scores higher than 92% of them in terms of its marketing
effectiveness. Not bad for a blog only two months old.

Of course, Social Media Mom has some areas that definitely need improvement. For example, evidently I have too many images, a page rank 1 out of 10 and only 1,677 inbound links.

A. Score Summary
Section Website Grade 92 Google Page Rank 1
Traffic Rank 401,180
Blog Rank 12,978
Inbound Links 1,677 Bookmarks 2
Google Indexed Pages 70

Obviously, my site still needs work and while these numbers may not be completely accurate it still gives me a rough idea as to what is happening from an SEO standpoint on my site, at least until I get the book anyway.

Website Grader is operated by HubSpot and for the time being, is a free service, but don’t be surprised if after long they start charging for it, they are, after all, a web-marketing optimization company.

pixel Social Media Mom Scores 92 Out Of 100 On SEO Website Grader

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  1. Thanks for trying out Website Grader. Congrats on the high grade. Quite an accomplishment.

    We plan to continue to keep the core product free for as long as possible. People seem to like it and find it useful.

    Help spread the word! The more websites the software grades, the better it gets.

  2. Helene says:

    Thanks for the great reference tool! I just ran my site and, like you, I now have a better sense of additional things I can do to improve my site!

  3. aaron wall says:

    If you ordered SEO Book and did not receive your download link please email me.

  4. Thanks for the link. It looks like a pretty handy service, but it didn’t work for me when I tried to use it. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll try again another time. Congrats on hitting the ground running with your blog!

  5. Rickman says:

    You’re off and running. Nice content, the dial will start to move quickly.


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