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Tiny polls in 140 characters or less. Now, I have heard it all. Doug March, founder of Twittertale, forwarded me a link to the new micropolling site, StrawPoll……..

“The premise is simple: each day, we ask an interesting question. Reply to strawpoll
and tell us why you voted the way you did. StrawPoll tallies the votes
and displays the most recent reasons for each response. To get started,
all you need to do is sign into Twitter and start following strawpoll.

The founders of Strawpoll are Rob Goodlatte, a web and graphic designer, and Dan Romero, a student at Duke.

StrawPoll keeps track of the poll by voter percentage. Very fun. The poll they launched yesterday was what superpower you would rather have: invisibility or flight? I chose flight and so did 53 other people. Invisibility had only 39 votes. I guess more people would rather escape into the friendly skies than sneak around spying on people. I can’t wait to see where this site goes, I have always loved participating in polls.

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  1. feefifoto says:

    Just read a piece in the New Yorker about a new book called “Not Quite What I Was Planning”, a compilation of six-word memoirs. The concept supposedly originated with Ernest Hemingway, who wrote “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” SMITH online magazine posed a challenge for readers to create their own six-word biographies. They received hundreds of submissions and compiled the best into a book.

    The New Yorker’s review is two columns long and every sentence is six words — no more, no less. I made it three-quarters of the way through before realizing it. Brilliant.

    Happy Birthday SMM!

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