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Using Your Blog To Sell Your Business

1 Comment 20 February 2008

I met Sharyn back in October. She had just signed up for Blogger Bootcamp and we met at the St. Louis Bread Company to discuss the basics in blogging, creating content and community building. You see, Sharyn is a work at home mom, running her own business and raising two kids. She owns FeeFiFoto, an e-commerce site that offers all kinds of photo-enhanced products.

Sharyn realized that to take her business to next level she would indeed need to dive into the world of social media by adding a blog to her already established website. She decided it was time to connect directly with her target audience, peers, and those who would gain something from her posts, moms. So, after a 6-week training course, she started a conversation with the mom bloggers.

At first, she was a bit concerned that no one would be interested in hearing about her personal life or her photo-enhanced products but through comments, emails, linking and various social sites, Sharyn has met some great people with similar interests and some of those moms, and dads, have become clients (me included).

The reason I am telling you about Sharyn is because of a recent post I read over at dawudmiracle about using a blog to sell your business. The key to blogging about your business, as Dawud so aptly explains, is the relationship……

“Blogging makes the relationship possible with more people, in more places and at more times than any other platform yet created.”

Dawud has created dozens of great relationships throughout the blogosphere that have opened opportunities for him that a static website just can’t offer…….

“Through the comment box, through email, through linking, and through many of the social services like StumbleUpon or Facebook,
I have had the chance to meet interesting people from all over the world.
People who share my interests. Some become colleagues or friends.
Others become clients. But all have come through social media…through

Sharyn is off to a fantastic start. She is a prime example of a WAHM that has totally embraced the value of social media and put it to work for her. She’s not focusing on the revenue as much as she is focusing on building relationships. Her blog is almost 5 months old and she is already averaging 3000 unique visits per month and she is a big user at StumbleUpon, MomBlogNetwork, Digg and

Social Media is not hard, it can be taught. It takes commitment and it’s not for everyone. Sharyn chose a blog to make her business more visible online, what are you doing?

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  1. Debra Moss says:

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