Google Doesn’t Celebrate Easter

11 Comments 23 March 2008

Every time there is a holiday, I always look forward to checking in on Google’s home page to see their creative designs. They’ve had some really clever designs, from Martin Luther King Day to St. Patrick’s Day. But for some reason Easter was skipped this year and I want to know why. This Google logo [...]

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I Broke My RSS Feed

4 Comments 20 March 2008

I am one of those people that absolutely hates it when I can’t do something myself and this last weekend was no exception. When I made the switch to WordPress several weeks ago I realized my Feedburner account was not being updated properly. Unfortunately for all of us, Brian out of town, and I decided [...]

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Social Media Moms

New Social Media Site Dedicated To All Things Health

1 Comment 19 March 2008

Israel, over at FatManUnleashed has started a new social media site dedicated to all things health related. Evidently, Health Ranker has been live for about a month and has been welcomed with open arms………. “Having been health blogging for about 9 months now, I noticed that were was a huge void in the health news [...]

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Social Media Moms

Alltop: The Mother Of All Aggregators

6 Comments 17 March 2008

Several weeks ago, someone Twittered about Scott Monty’s post on Guy Kawasaki’s new site, Alltop, and being a big fan of Scott’s, I clicked on the link. After perusing the site, I found myself scratching my head and uttering the proverbial, “why didn’t I think of that”, as I humbly submitted Social Media Mom for [...]

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I Didn’t Make The BigList

7 Comments 14 March 2008

Social Media Mom did not make the list, the BigList that is. So in my attempt to make the next big list, I thought I would explain what the BigList is and how to get on it………. “a collection of over 400 blogs maintained by the staff at TopRank Online Marketing. This edited list includes [...]

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Candid E-mail Interview With Social Media Expert And Mom: Shana Albert

5 Comments 12 March 2008

Several months ago, I was contemplating putting together a list for this blog because we all know that every serious blogger’s got to make at least one resource list, right? As a result, I got in contact with fellow work at home mom and social media expert, Shana Albert, to discuss an idea I had. [...]

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