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addiction1 Social Media Addiction

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A recent article at says, “an inability to leave home without a cell phone, to relax without constantly checking email or to stop using the Internet” are worry signs that someone could have an addiction to technology.

Evidently, an addiction to technology can be just as harmful as any other addiction in that it can ruin family relationships and work relationships. Now, I have four kids, so the fact that I never leave home without my cell phone is indeed not because I am addicted to technology but because I want to be accessible in case a teacher or school nurse were to call me about one of my kids.

But what about the fact that while out to dinner with my family, I was reading Twitter updates, and when we had company over the other night, I would periodically check my e-mail, does that make me addicted to technology or just passionate about social media?

What if social media is your career? Aren’t we constantly depending on news sites, microblogging, and RSS feeds to inform us of breaking news? If I would rather Stumble than watch football on tv with the rest of the family does that make me a StumbleUpon addict?

Brian Reeder calls it OSS, Over Social Syndrome, and says there is no way to combat it as he is a sufferer himself……….

  • Neglecting your friends, family, work, social life?
  • Find yourself obsessing over how many diggs a post has, if it’s “hot”, what reviews people left, how many thumbs it has?
  • Constantly checking to see if it “made front page”, or is “recently popular”?
  • Find yourself talking about social media to anyone that will (or won’t) listen?
  • Scorn the “lessers” of the social world who don’t have as many friends/as good of stats as you?

You probably suffer from OSS, or “Over Social Syndrome“. You are obsessed- nay- addicted to social media and the constant scream of its potential and competition.”

So, what do we do? Well the first step is, of course, admitting you have a problem, that you are powerless over social media and that your life has become unmanageable. Then, well, get over yourself, tell your family to leave you alone while you watch your last blog post race to the top of the Digg charts.

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  1. Mark Dykeman says:

    Hah, I like your closing paragraph!

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