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Ximmy: Getting Paid To Share Content

4 Comments 11 March 2008

ximmy Ximmy: Getting Paid To Share ContentI was invited by a blogging friend of mine to join Ximmy. Having never heard of it I thought I just better check it out and I found some very interesting things.

For starters, Ximmy is similar to sites like Digg, Mixx, etc. in that users submit content, video and photos that can be voted on and made popular. The unique thing about Ximmy, however is the fact that you can actually get paid for the submissions you make, comments you make, and posts that go “hot”……..

“We are the first company to reward you for your contributions to our community through points that you can redeem for cash. Just register for an account. (It’s free!) You will earn points for submitting stories and posting comments. When your story is published to the home page, you will receive 15 points. Once you hit a points bracket, you can redeem the points for cash at any time. Payments are made via PayPal.”

It breaks down like this:

Points Earn:
1 point - Story Submitted
1 point - Comment
15 points - Popular (homepage)
Points Rewards
1,000 $10
1,800 $20
3,200 $40
6,000 $80
12,000 $160
20,000 $300

Seems like a lot of work to me just to get a couple of bucks. This also brings up that same old question of “quality content”. Are people submitting stuff just to get paid or is it quality submissions? I understand the idea and I think they are trying to find a way for users to actually benefit financially from a social news site but honestly, this really opens the door to all of those that quickly learn how to abuse the system.

pixel Ximmy: Getting Paid To Share Content

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  1. Mark Dykeman says:

    Sounds very similar to MyLog

  2. socialmediamom says:

    Mark, I’ve never heard of MyLog.

  3. Mark Dykeman says:

    My bad, I meant

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