Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

8 Comments 30 May 2008

I recycle. I drive a hybrid. I conserve energy. I am really trying to be part of the solution and not the problem on our planet, and now, even web hosting companies are jumping on the “green” bandwagon to provide environmentally guided hosting. Elizabeth, over at Able Reach, has put together a list of 22 [...]

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Social Media Moms

Is Ethical Marketing An Oxy-Moron?

8 Comments 29 May 2008

After serious thought, and reconsideration of her goals, Kimberly Bock, aka SpostareDuro, has changed “Learning SEO Basics - Search Engine Optimization for the Curious Newbie” to “Learning SEO Basics - Supporter of Ethical Marketing”……….. “I am on the lookout for marketers / bloggers that are actively involved with charitable organizations, environmental causes, and endeavors that [...]

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Social Media Moms

Guest Post by Jim Stroud, Social Media Dad, from The Recruiters Lounge

2 Comments 27 May 2008

This guest post comes from Jim Stroud. Jim is the founder and CEO of The Recruiters Lounge and the tenth in my series featuring social media dads. The Popularity of Expletives I was watching the movie - “Akee lah and The Bee” the other day. It is a very charming film about a young girl [...]

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Social Media Moms

Using Social Media for Disaster Relief

12 Comments 21 May 2008

A lot of people that I follow on Twitter have been leaving updates regarding the recent disasters in Asia. Most have been reading about the 34,000 lives that have been lost in a 7.9 earthquake and some have been tweeting about the cyclone that took the lives of over 78,000 people. It is sad and [...]

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Party Line for Facebook

2 Comments 20 May 2008

Okay, so I’m not on Facebook “all” the time, just enough to buy back friends from Brian Wallace and poke various people but Equals has come out with a new application for Facebook called Party Line for those that do live on Facebook…….. “The app, entitled Party Line, enables users to have group phone chats [...]

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Social Media Dads

Guest Post by Social Media Dad, David Wallace from Search Rank

6 Comments 15 May 2008

This guest post comes from David Wallace. David is the founder and CEO of SearchRank and the ninth in my series featuring the top social media dads. Getting Your Kids To Speak Your ‘Social’ Language My oldest daughter is a TV and movie fanatic. She and her roommate have amassed quite a collection of DVDs [...]

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