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8 Comments 30 May 2008

I recycle. I drive a hybrid. I conserve energy. I am really trying to be part of the solution and not the problem on our planet, and now, even web hosting companies are jumping on the “green” bandwagon to provide environmentally guided hosting.

Elizabeth, over at Able Reach, has put together a list of 22 environmentally friendly web hosting companies that are going green. This list is surely not complete so if you know of a hosting company that is doing something specific to save our planet like giving carbon credits, using renewable energy or solar power, hop on over and leave a comment.

And Media Temple, if you’re listening, what are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

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  1. Paige says:

    Wow - I never thought of this! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks for the support, Kristen. I decided to look at green hosts after having bad problems with my current host. If I’m going to change, why not make it a to-me upward move?

    I fleshed out the list after seeing a news story about pollution-related damage to sealife in my area - and we’re fairly clean. After I had another brief server outage I put everything else aside and finished my research. There’s nothing quite like like a necessity meeting an aspiration!

  3. Ross says:

    Just because you drive a hybrid doesn’t make you environmentally friendly :)

    E.G. one of my co-workers is environmentally conscience but lives 45 min away from work, I live 5 minutes. My SUV uses less gas in a day than his little gas efficient car so who is more environmentally conscious?


  4. Dennis Edell says:

    I’m sorry to see Hostgator is not there. I wonder if saying something would actually do any good.

  5. socialmediamom says:

    Dennis~ I definitely think you should say something and if they are participating in a way that would include them in Elizabeth’s list then by all means let her know.
    Ross~Thank you for visiting. I do consider myself someone that is trying to reduce their carbon footprint and driving a hybrid is one of many ways that I contribute to the environment. It’s really about how conscious we are regarding the environment rather than how conscious we are of what others are doing!

  6. Dennis Edell says:

    Ross - you’re kidding right? You really meant that to be a super silly comparison, right? :-)

    If it’s really a contest, your friend wins by a landslide. In this one little example you just drew lucky and happened to be super close to work.

    On that note, why not walk or bike it? 😉

  7. Dennis Edell says:

    Mom - I’ll contact them this week and see what I can see.

    I’ve never contacted anyone like this before…any brainstorm ideas of what i could put in an email?

  8. Rupert says:

    I just found your blog - I’m a social media dad :) I just started working today with a client who provides green hosting - http://solarenergyhost.com who are on her list - and I can’t believe I haven’t thought about the idea of green hosting before. So many ways to make small improvements.

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