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Guest Post by Social Media Dad, David Wallace from Search Rank

6 Comments 15 May 2008

This guest post comes from David Wallace. David is the founder and CEO of SearchRank and the ninth in my series featuring the top social media dads.

Getting Your Kids To Speak Your ‘Social’ Language

My oldest daughter is a TV and movie fanatic. She and her roommate have amassed quite a collection of DVDs and have a long list of television shows that are regular watches for them. As a parent, I would typically view such an obsession as being a time waster but in all reality, she could be out doing much worse things. She also has the talent of being able to write, which she does very well. As someone who struggles with writing, having to work very hard at it, I find myself envying her talent often.

So, instead of giving her the usual parental scorn of not wasting all her time watching other people’s lives, I decided to encourage her to profit by it. How? By blogging of course!

She already writes on her MySpace Blog as well as a Blogger account she has, however those posts are mostly comprised of her current feelings or interesting things she has come across. When I proposed that she engage in celebrity blogging and that she could earn revenue from it, she was very interested. I told her that I’d set up a WordPress blog, host it on our company server, throw AdSense on it and she could blog away. I pointed out that a lot of people are making decent money off their hobby blogs these days, not only with AdSense but additional advertising opportunities that pop up as blogs gain exposure.

She is currently searching for a unique and snazzy domain name. Unfortunately, everything she has come across so far has been taken. Being anxious to get her started, I registered her full name as a dot com and hope to get a blog going soon. That way I figure she can at least start and so long as she finds a different domain within 6 months, we won’t lose too much time in getting the blog (or blogs) established and drawing in traffic.

As a search and social media marketer who is also a blogger by profession, her interest in blogging thrills me. For so long, my children (all three of them) have really not understand “what Dad does for a living.” They know I spend lots of time in front of a computer but have never really grasped anything beyond that. My daughter is beginning to understand.

Even my son who is about 3 years younger than my daughter is beginning to show an interest in what I do with regards to search marketing. He is currently reading Jennifer Laycock’s “Small Business Guide to Search Marketing.” My youngest, who is a licensed cosmetologist, has yet to show any interest in search or social media. However, I am confident that one day when she gets the desire to market herself online that she will get the bug as well.

It is refreshing to see my children begin to expand themselves from being strictly limited to MySpace and AIM. Blogging seems to be a good first step in getting them to speak my “social” language. Now if I can only get them interested in Facebook and Twitter. 😉

You can follow David on Twitter here.

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  1. Leo says:

    Yup this will work, a quick tip to encourage the young blogger is is to get somebody to buy some advertising space. Nothing works like extra pocket money a pound or two.

  2. Dennis Edell says:

    I love this series. it is so cool seeing all the parents getting the kids involved in business…and in a “fun” way!

    It may be a little late for me, but that’s OK. I’m showing other peoples kids a thing or 2 LOL…long with their folks 😉

  3. Before you encourage your children to blog, make sure they know about onlin reputation!

  4. Dennis Edell says:

    Very good point. No bashing and trashing like they do on places like MySpace.


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