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Social Networking Can Improve Your State’s MomScore

4 Comments 12 May 2008

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and while families from all over the nation celebrated moms with brunches, flowers and a multitudes of hugs, RevolutionHealth was busy working with a team of public health officials, maternal health experts and consumer representatives to unveil momScore, a brand new interactive tool that presents moms and moms-to-be with relevant, comprehensive data about maternal health in their states. MomScore is the first of its kind, health index community, that provides nationwide state rankings for maternal health; which means, the health of women during pregnancy, during childbirth and postpartum. I believe there needs to be a renewed focus on the health of moms because a mom’s health has a very meaningful impact on the health of the whole family……

“Researchers believe that our rising maternal mortality rate is due to increasing levels of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. In addition, growing racial and economic gaps could contribute to existing prenatal care inequalities.”

MomScore has taken into account 10 attributes to determine each state’s rankings and RevolutionHealth has coupled these rankings with expert-led groups on topics ranging from parenting and healthy eating, to losing weight and de-stressing…….

“To determine each state’s ranking, the expert team weighed the attributes and each state was assigned a momScore from 0 to 100. Some states had better access to prenatal care, which is critical to ensuring a healthy delivery and pregnancy. Other areas had better paid leave policy and childcare services, allowing mothers time to bond with their child after giving birth and peace of mind when they return to work. Air quality was another important factor, since mothers and babies are especially sensitive to pollutants.”

The results speak for themselves, a mother’s health has got to become a priority in our nation and RevolutionHealth is using social media to accomplish that goal. Blogs, forums and communities are being used to encourage moms to take action to improve their own health as well as offering discussions on how the online community can improve their individual state’s momScore rankings. It saddens me to see the very nation I live in with maternal, infant and child health goals falling short. My own state, Missouri, ranks a mere 25th out of 51 states ranked. What is one to do? We can start by participating! Debate your state’s score, share your personal story, or respond to the community or simply leave a comment below telling us your thoughts about how momScore can really utilize social media to promote women’s health.

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  1. Dennis Edell says:

    I’m not a mom, nor a woman for that matter, but I will certainly be passing this on as they somewhat are my target audience (direct sales being dominated by woman/moms). :)

  2. Momscore ranking is an innovative way to keep the information going on…
    Moms themselves require to know where their state stands in the foray of the Millenium Development Goals
    This might motivate them to take some self care

  3. Aruni says:

    I think this is a great idea and moms need support not only during pregnancy but post partum as well. Interestingly in a world where we seem to have so much, moms have less support from nearby family/friends than in the past which can lead to quite a few issues ranging from post partum depression, to health issues, to exhaustion. So it’s good to have time off to be with your baby after birth, but it’s also important to have someone to help you so you are not trying to do it all by yourself.

  4. socialmediamom says:

    Aruni~ I totally agree. I wish there had been something like or even blogs when I was first starting out with my family. My parents lived in another state and none of my friends had kids yet. It was hard and this is just another example of how joining the conversation is such a great idea!

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