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2 Comments 05 May 2008

Two of my very favorite bloggers and social media dads have been battling it out to see who would give in first to Twitter Peer Pressure. Matt McGee and Jeff Quipp have finally decided to start conversing in 140 characters or less and are now racing to see who can reach 500 followers the fastest. The winner will get $500 sent to the cause of his choice by the loser.

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While both Jeff and Matt are passionate about social media, in their efforts to avoid wasting time on Twitter they may have just found a way to make this very useful tool work for them in the long run……

“It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to be the last person on Twitter for some time now. You may also know that Jeff Quipp (of the Toronto-based agency Search Engine People) was also not on Twitter, and has been challenging me to see who could last the longest without joining.

Well, we’ve put out heads together and have decided to sign up, and raise some money in the process. Here’s the scoop:

  1. We’re both putting up $250 for a total of $500 on the line.
  2. We’ve both chosen a charity that we like and want to support.
  3. We’ve both (finally) signed up for Twitter.
  4. Whoever gets 500 followers first is the winner, and all $500 will be donated to that person’s charity.

Essentially, there are no losers in this game and that’s what I love about Jeff and Matt. Each will gain something, whether it be loyal followers or $500 to his favorite charity. Certainly, The African Well Fund, which is Matt’s charity, will benefit by being able to bring clean water to parts of Africa where it doesn’t exist.

And also, the Tuberous Sclerosis Canada, a cause near and dear to Jeff’s heart, could use some financial help as well. The people that suffer from this horrible disease need awareness, support and most of all…a cure.

I am following both Matt and Jeff on Twitter, not necessarily for their causes but because they are awesome guys who care more about others than themselves. Good Luck Guys!

You can follow them both here and here!

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  1. Jeff Quipp says:

    Thanks Kristen … we’re both very fond of you too :) We’re really lucky to be part of such a cohesive community. Its amazing, but others have now come forth too, and have also offering to donate money to the winner’s charity. I’m hoping by the time we’re done, the actual donation will be in the thousands rather than the hundreds. Its all for a good cause.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Jeff took the words right out of my mouth. :) Thx for spreading the news about the contest, Kristen.

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