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Using Social Media for Disaster Relief

12 Comments 21 May 2008

A lot of people that I follow on Twitter have been leaving updates regarding the recent disasters in Asia. Most have been reading about the 34,000 lives that have been lost in a 7.9 earthquake and some have been tweeting about the cyclone that took the lives of over 78,000 people.

It is sad and devastating and although folks are using social media tools express feelings as well as facts, Social Vibe is taking social media one step further to assist our fellow man in his time of need……

“Disaster Relief is a Cause established by SocialVibe to rally immediate support and provide timely financial aid following a specific disaster. Money raised for Disaster Relief will be distributed promptly to the SocialVibe charities working closely with the victims of both the earthquake in China and the cyclone in Myanmar. We plan to split all funds raised equally between Direct Relief and charity: water, helping both to achieve their immediate goals.”

Sometimes when disaster strikes this far away from the US, we see it as sad but not as concerning because it’s not close to home. But the reality is, we are all affected by tragedy and disaster no matter what country or continent we live.

Social Media is truly becoming a valuable tool when it comes to mobilizing the consumer to support disaster relief and SocialVibe is setting the stage to be a leader when it comes to helping our fellow man. What are you doing to utilize social media and help your fellow man?

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  1. Tad Chef says:

    Sorry, but Nike is the disaster itself. It’s a white washing camapign. Nike is infamous for it’s slave labour practices in Asia. Young women get exploited up to 80h 7 days a week far below a living wage. Reports of child labour keep on pouring in.

  2. socialmediamom says:

    If Nike is not your thing, there are hundreds of other companies on Social Vibe that are also partnering to raise money like Apple, Samsung, Coca~Cola etc.

  3. Tad Chef says:

    Sorry, to spoil this post but all of these are very bad choices. Apple does slave labour in China, Samsung is also a weapons manufacturer (“killer robots”), Coca Cola has been dubbed “Killer Coke” (murders of uninion members). Just a little research shows that most international corporations are not your friend if you’re in for charity and good will.

  4. socialmediamom says: is designed to enable interaction between people, the brands they love and the causes they are passionate about. The platform mobilizes millions of social media consumers to easily promote, distribute and support brands and charities and distribute these alliances via social networks like Facebook and Myspace, blogs and personal websites. Members simply choose a charity to support and a brand to endorse, earning opportunities to get brand perks and points. The points members earn are turned into cash that goes to his/her favorite charity. So, essentially it is not necessarily the corporations that are contributing, it is the time I spend socializing and promoting that gains me points and is then turned into needed funds. It does not have to be disaster relief, it could be the environment or disease or whatever.

  5. Jim Stroud says:

    Allow me a moment as I take a bit of angst out on no particular person, especially no one who has commented on this thread.

    Is there such a thing as a perfect company? No. Does being imperfect excuse impropriety? No. Some of the comments above strike me as a conundrum of sorts. If the purpose of charity is to help someone, does the person necessarily care the origin of the benefit if they are in dire straits? If a child is starving and bloated, does she or he pause before accepting a piece of bread? No. Yet, can a company appease its conscience by exploiting others with one hand as they give liberally with the other? Again, I say - no.

    I think that the most we can expect from any company is for that company to do what is right and when they do wrong, we should compel them to correct themselves. We do this not with meaningless complaints on a website, worker strikes, or even well-intended political activism; when it comes to changing bad behavior of big companies, the only real catalyst of change is money. If you can slow or cease revenue, damage profit making potential or cause a stock valuation to sharply decrease, then (and only then) will anything meaningful happen.

    So what do I suggest? Stop buying their products. Stop supporting those companies that do business with them. Explain in no uncertain words that these are the reasons why the evil empire is being made into a pariah. And once you have their attention, then you make your appeal because it is then that they will be paying attention.

    So, until something along those lines happens in a very real way, let the “evil corporations” as so many like to call them, donate to whomever needs the charity the most. In the big scheme of things, most people will still buy from the company store, the downtrodden will still need to be saved and those who complain the loudest will do the least about it. And God help me, because I think I know where I fit in all that.

  6. socialmediamom says:

    Wow, Jim! That is a post in and of itself. Thanks for sharing. Some very good points regarding “evil corporations” and how we should participate to get their attention. There is a bigger picture and complaining will do very little to change anything. Thanks again for the the comment! :)

  7. spostareduro says:

    well kristen, just remember you asked for this..*sheepish grin* warning: i feel strongly about this subject! 😉

    social media is best utilized when it’s used regularly and passionately.

    but when we are searching daily for the answers, we may (and do find) that some of the efforts that we have supported in the past, turn out to be duds. in fact, sometimes we find that we may have been supporting real creeps, because there scheme is to use your desire to serve humanity as an evil marketing strategy.

    Sadly, this is far too prominent within our marketing communities as they know these tactics work. especially catering to feeding off of the minds of vulnerable newcomers - whether they be newcomers to thinking green, newcomers to marketing in general, etc..

    every aspect of our environment is being poorly affected because of the lack of ethics and standards within our media. period. many have been arguing with me about this very subject lately. not only are their arguments in support of unethical marketing strategies, but they are abusive to those that seek to make positive changes towards applying ethics in marketing strategies. it is a threat to what they have known to be so successful for their pockets..

    knowledge is power. but only if its acted upon.

    whos to say that adding a charitable application in facebook, or charitable causes we give a dollar to at our local grocery stores, or a donation to ‘feed the hungry’ will even be of benefit to where we think it is going to? maybe 10% of our cash goes to where we think its going.

    does that mean we choose NOT to give? NOT to tweet a link that leads to a book exchange that donates to a charity of your choice when used? NOT to get involved?

    Absolutely not. it means do it passionately and regularly and improve the standards of SM as we go along.

    We need overseers of charitable organizations online. to help us to eliminate the ‘bad guys’ or at least keep us alerted in facebook, myspace, and other SM environments. when a supposed charitable organization has been exposed, we can then use SM to alert our friends, our groups, etc to the travesty..if we chose to promote the cause, it then becomes our responsibility to update others about that as well.

    social media allows the bullsh*t as well as ‘truth’ to expand. do we ever truly know if what we are hearing has been fortified by evil ones with financial gain? h*ll, if we knew then what we know now about our own president would we vote for him again?

    no SM use for charitable efforts can be perfected by ignorance. only by education and true interest. taking responsibility seriously. not just using it to say ‘hi. im so sweet & cool. i am promote this charity or im a fan of that one. look at me.’

    in facebook, i have seen plenty of people add charitable apps to their profile because they know that others will see that updatye and they will score brownie points. it ‘marketed’ THEM, not the cause…maybe some even had great intentions..doing their part to pass it along..but they really do not use it regularly enough (or care enough) to keep up on the latest news about green interests, someone may be mislead simply because they admired that they too add the app..not knowing it is actually a spam attractor or money sent to the evil ones.

    getting involved in SM to promote ‘awareness’ to the masses is wise. staying ‘in the green loop’ daily is how to OPTIMIZE SM for charitable causes.

    always use SM to market the idea of ethical marketing as being the ONLY way to market and be sure to expose those that do not use ethics in their marketing strategies. it is how we optimize others awareness and in essence, combats thoughts newcomers may have about how easy it is to get away with whatever crooked short cut may be at their fingertips (e.g. using a falsified charity).

    unethical marketers contribute only greed in an already greedy uncharitable world.

    on the upswing, active regular use of SM for charities enables us to find like minded activists, fortifies our natural desire to be care-givers, removes us from the ‘MEisms’ that have attributed to earths steady demise, teaches us we CAN make a difference as parents, teachers, businessmen and lovers..and is encouragement to others on a global scale to do the same.

    not bad for a tweet or a stumble in a day with some commentary between fellow ‘believers’ ey?

    SM for disaster relief? H*LL YEA!

  8. coolwebmom says:

    This is such a great topic to write about! I remember the earthquake news spreading on twitter and ive been using widgets on facebook like causes and network for good’s 6 degrees to draw attention to causes. And not there’s mobile donations. This will only get better and better as more people catch on! Thanks for the post.


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