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You’ve Joined the Conversation But How Do You Manage it?

3 Comments 30 June 2008

Every so often someone will start a thread on Plurk regarding social media and last night was no exception. Amber Naslund, from the Brandbox blog, started a “Plurkshop” thread about managing conversations, and after close to 700 comments the overall consensus is that it’s all about community……… “The spirit of community conversation is more important [...]

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I’ve Let My Blog Go

10 Comments 25 June 2008

It’s official. I’ve been so distracted by Plurk and just life in general, I’ve done something I never thought I’d do…..I let my blog go. Evidently, most bloggers go through some sort of issue where their writing stalls and lack of posting becomes the norm but if you want a vibrant blog, and I do, [...]

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Guest Post by Social Media Dad Chris Brogan, from The Chris Brogan Blog

10 Comments 16 June 2008

This guest post comes from Chris Brogan. Chris is the author of and the eleventh in my series featuring social media dads. Being a Social Media Dad One of the frequent questions I receive is, “How do you find time for your family?” People see my hectic travel schedule, my rigorous blog posting and [...]

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Social Media Dads

Happy Father’s Day To Some Special Social Media Dads

8 Comments 15 June 2008

I have been featuring a series of posts written by some fantastic social media dads. So, in honor of Father’s Day, I want to honor those dads that have contributed to this blog as well as those dad I am hoping to feature here. Happy Father’s Day Guys! Brian Wallace Darren Rowse Tim Jackson Jeff [...]

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Plurk: It Was Not Love At First Sight!

Plurk, Social Media Moms

Plurk: It Was Not Love At First Sight!

28 Comments 05 June 2008

Everyone is talking about Plurk, the new microblogging platform that has all kinds of special features that Twitter does not have. Yesterday, Brian, asked if I had checked out Plurk. Since my answer was “no” he went ahead and sent me an invite; he wanted to know what I thought of it. At first I [...]

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Social Media: As Good As Ice Cream

3 Comments 04 June 2008

The guys over at Common Craft have done it again with their clever and informative video analogies. Recently, I had a chance to watch their newest, “Social Media in Plain English“. Take a look: What do you think? Does Common Craft do a good job of analyzing how social media works? Does it show, in [...]

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