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10 Comments 25 June 2008

It’s official. I’ve been so distracted by Plurk and just life in general, I’ve done something I never thought I’d do…..I let my blog go. Evidently, most bloggers go through some sort of issue where their writing stalls and lack of posting becomes the norm but if you want a vibrant blog, and I do, then you have to post on a regular basis. At least that’s what Problogger, Darren Rowse says……………

“I know it’s not easy - all successful bloggers go through patches where it’s challenging to keep things rolling - however if you put your mind to it you can definitely get things back on track. It is never too late to get your blog rolling again!”

So, as I get my blog back on track and start posting fresh content on a regular basis, I will be tapping into some of the great ideas Darren has on how to get your blog posting frequency higher. I might start by “Declaring War on Blogger Apathy“. With everything going on in my life, as of late, I have had no motivation, passion or drive and it’s time to take blogging back! By starting a new series or simply moving forward with some familiar topics I can break through the apathy and get motivated.

Darren also recommends finding a blog buddy so I have been tackling some great ideas with my dear blogging friend Shana Albert. I must say, if TheNanny612 can’t motivate you, ain’t no one can, and there may be some fun things ahead for the readers of Social Media Mom that includes podcasts, videos and interviews, so stay tuned.

Finally, Darren says “Just Do It”! Okay, he didn’t really say that, but essentially that is his ninth tip to get your blog back on track; “step away from the distractions that might be stopping you from blogging and go and do it.”

I’m slowly learning how to capture the things in my daily life and re-purposing them as posts, and it will be interesting and exciting to see which direction this blog takes as I do so. For some reason, I have a feeling it will have to do with kids but I don’t know……. Have you let your blog go? What have you done to get back on track? Leave me a comment with some of your ideas and ways to keep your blog fresh and free from bloggers block.

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  1. Shana Albert says:

    I hear ya!! And, I can relate.

    I’m so happy to be your blog buddy!! :)

  2. That’s so very true. I have been on Plurk for too long. I blog schedule has changed from once a day to once a week. It’s all Plurk’s fault.

    I have been reading your blog since I found you on Plurk. Nice job to get me here and forgot that I have blog too. :-)

  3. Dave says:

    I suggest more guest bloggers… he he…. werks while U plurks…. and interviews are entertaining and light on the workload… truth you didn’t stop blogging, you merely have been ‘micro-blogging’ more…. HA!

    Can’t wait to see what 2 of my fav ladies get up to here!! Let’s ‘get ‘er done’

  4. Dave says:

    …speaking of guest Bloggers, why not see if the ‘James Duthie world tour’ can swing by?

  5. Reem Abeidoh says:

    I think that many bloggers find themselves in a creative slump. You want to always have interesting content on your blog, and feel discouraged when you don’t have that fabulous concept to write about. Additionally, who has the time to blog daily if they have a full time job? Darren Rowse provides great tips that I need to adopt when I don’t feel like blogging.

  6. I haven’t let my blog go, but I know what you mean by getting distracted. I get sidetracked by work and events and such and before you know it a week goes by sometimes. It’s always hard to get back into it of course.

  7. ChaCha Fance says:

    Been there very recently!! I’m sure you’ll be back on track in no time!

  8. Dennis Edell says:

    Ironically I’m about to step away from blogging a bit in order to be able to blog much better!

    I’m in the middle of a rather large blog project and it is taking far to long to complete.

    One of the main distractions in completing this blog project is, well…..blogging.

  9. Kelley says:

    I am living this right now. The pressure to post. I am trying to get back in the groove again by posting every day this week.

    Man that is HARD!

  10. Nick says:

    Hi Kristen, I know what you mean! I’m currently there at the moment, but getting back in shape soon. Life gets busy with a baby and other commitments. So the plan is to relaunch with a new design and a new purpose.

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