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You’ve Joined the Conversation But How Do You Manage it?

3 Comments 30 June 2008

Every so often someone will start a thread on Plurk regarding social media and last night was no exception. Amber Naslund, from the Brandbox blog, started a “Plurkshop” thread about managing conversations, and after close to 700 comments the overall consensus is that it’s all about community………

“The spirit of community conversation is more important than trying to control it. And controlling it is futile, anyway, so it’s best to embrace it. Listen and engage as best you can.”

The value exchanged in online conversations are so worth finding the right tool to manage them. Amber has a great list of sites that allow you to manage your conversations in a way that still enables you to listen and participate.

I did not participate in last night’s Plurkshop thread but I did listen and the value gained from following the conversation led to this post. If that’s not a good enough example of how important it is to join, listen and manage your conversations, I don’t know what is!

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  1. Dennis Edell says:

    Thanks much for the list. I am usually quite lost :-)

  2. Hi Kristen, thanks so much for adding your input to the conversation! I hope we’ll have you at an upcoming Plurkshop, too. They’re great fun.

  3. John M says:

    I am big fan of Google Alerts and and Disqus. When I used Disqus for the first time, I was amazed because it shows all your comments on all blogs which someone has posted via Disqus.

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