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5 Comments 24 July 2008

Being a mom is challenging and if it weren’t for the workable balance created between my passion for social media and my family, I might just lose my mind entirely. That is why I love success stories that involve moms and using the tools of social media used to enhance their lives and establish careers.

mypicture 1 150x150 Chief Mom Officer Kelby Carr writes a fantastic post about how social networks are changing the way women do just about everything-from making friends to sharing news as well as finding jobs……..

“Well, one of my fellow moms on and my Type-A Mom beauty and fashion editor, Jessica Smith, just landed her dream work-at-home job. She didn’t get the Sunday classifieds (who does anymore?). But she also didn’t use some of the more modern methods, such as a job portal site like or the uber-popular Craigslist. She used a much more Job Hunting 2.0 method. She posted on .”

One of the coolest things about this story is that by Tweeting her desire to work in marketing/biz development, Jessica did not have to participate using traditional “job search” strategies. Now, don’t get me wrong, this form of career placement will not work for everyone, but the fact that it worked at all and got the CEO of Wishpot, Max Ciccotosto, to recognize her, is in an of itself a great story.

Jessica still went through all the normal steps like sending in a resume and going through the interview process, however her new job title is nothing typical. She is now the Chief Mom Officer of Wishpot, a social network for shoppers.

The key here is the fact that Max was watching the conversation to see if anything “interesting” caught his eye and that just happened to be…..Jessica! Max goes on to say that the Chief Mom Officer position is a very valuable one and companies would do well to consider tapping into this form of conversation…….

“I think that it’s invaluable to have a great passionate insider in the markets that are being targeted. If a company is targeting moms than I’d definitely recommend getting their own Chief Mom Officer.”

Moms today are rearranging their schedules to handle not only family but a career as well. Jobs that are family-friendly, and allow one to work from home are ideal for the CMO. The tools are there it is just a matter of companies realizing the value of social media and making it work for them and their employees.

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  1. mark_hayward says:

    Even though I am not a mom, or a dad, that is a GREAT story! Thanks for the Thursday morning inspiration.

  2. Liz Okesson says:

    What a great post - so inspiring! This is such a fantasy for me (plus I’m sure for hundreds of other professional moms as well). Well done & congrats Jessica!

  3. New Age says:

    I think it is the unique title and position and she will be enjoying it very well. A few years back, i always tried a lot of job sites but now everything has been changes. I am thinking about starting my very own job site LOL!

  4. Steve says:

    It is so simple idea which results in a successful interesting job. May be it was impossible to seek a similar job on job sites and classified section in newspapers.

  5. Steve says:

    That’s a grate story and fantastic ending.
    Networking site can open up some fantastic opportunities for anyone who uses them

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