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Social Media For The Soul

6 Comments 18 July 2008

Everyone knows that homemade chicken soup warms the chill and heals the ill, but I would like to take this concept one step further and suggest that social media can not only nourish us perhaps heal the cynicism in our hearts. What I’m trying to say is, it might just very well be good for our soul.

Several years ago I began selling stuff on Ebay. I would go to garage sales, store sales, and find things around my house to market in my Ebay store. The few, and I mean few, extra bucks I made was not nearly enough to warrant the time I spent taking pictures, listing items and shipping boxes but the positive feedback I received was what made the experience totally worth while.

Why does something so insignificant as a positive vote or a quick thank you mean so much? Because by nature, we need affirmation, we need appreciation, and we need acceptance, at least I do anyway, and that’s why I love social media.

The tools of social media can be used as a key to open the door to connections to those with similar interests. The joy of meeting people from all over the world and developing those interactions into friendships is exactly one of the reasons Shana Albert loves social media. It’s about the strokes and we all need to be stroked. Without them, life is like living in a vacuum.  Happiness comes when our efforts are appreciated and in some way rewarded. A stroke-a smile, a word of praise, or a thank-you note-shows that our contributions are valued…….

“The laws of karma state that our personal actions & behavior influence future experiences. In other words, we’re responsible for our own destinies and the ultimate happiness & success we achieve. I can’t think of any other environment in which karma is more relevant than social media”

But is it really about karma and the return of our investment or is it about feeding our soul a nourishing bit of connectivity that fulfills an inherent need? I asked some friends on Plurk their opinion of why social media is good for the soul. Here is what they said……..

kmunse says i am working on a post and i want everyones opinion of why social media is good for the soul plurkcom 1216325189113 Social Media For The Soul

I must say, I agree with those above that mention things like needing interaction and friendship, connecting with someone and interacting on a level playing field. In a world where technology can often lead to isolation and loneliness social media can open a door to a new realm of connectedness. For example:

kmunse says i am working on a post and i want everyones opinion of why social media is good for the soul plurkcom 1216325949356 Social Media For The Soul

Donna makes a very good point here in her example of Tim Jackson’s biking accident. Strangers have come out of the woodwork (or Plurk world I should say) to support, connect and love on Tim. Not only has it been a huge encouragement to Tim but the relationships built around Tim’s situation are a perfect example the fact that conversations carry thoughts, ideas and emotions, and these are fundamental building blocks of relationships and relationships help form who we are now and what we will be later.

A good example of these relationships forming into who we are now is the recent evolution of Plurkshops. As Beth Harte explains, “through the tools of social media, democratic communities form to provide a global platform for sharing of thoughts, knowledge, experience and kindness.”

Its been said that no man is an island unto himself…….

“The magic of social media, if there is any, is simply in its ability to let people connect and share ideas more easily than ever. It allows us to build bridges to connect our individual islands and to find each other.”

We are all one part of an interconnected world that thrives on even more interactivity. What we do online in these social networks reverberates for days, weeks, months and maybe even lifetimes after we have long since gone. We are doing more than conversation, we are building legacies that will touch people’s lives, their businesses, or on a simpler level, helped somebody relieve stress at work (if only for a moment).

In closing, my questions to you are these, How do you think your Tweets and Plurks are affecting people in your life? Did you think that your Facebook profile would be used to support a cause and cure a disease? And, did you know that your comments on a blog may have given someone the encouragement they needed to carry on another day? How is social media good for your soul?

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  1. Jim Stroud says:

    Make on Snapvine | Copy This

    Social Media is good for my soul because with it, I have established friendships that (I suspect) will last a lifetime. I now have friends and acquaintances from countries I have never visited and soulties with people I have yet to meet. It is a curious thing if you think about it, but I don’t, I’m just grateful for the medium.

    Thanks for writing this great post Social Media Mom! I will keep reading.

  2. I have a great time on facebook keeping up with some of my younger relatives, and making new friends from around the world. I’ve introduced several friends to facebook as well. Linkedin, my other favorite networking site, is a great place to catch up with former co-workers, and a fabulous source of information from experts and other helpful folks through the invaluable Question & Answer feature.

    Contrary to what I thought before I tried social networking, all my online interaction seems to have stimulated me to be more socially interactive offline as well. Who’d have thought?

    Diane L. Harris

  3. Tim Jackson says:

    Yes, SM can be good for the soul. Connecting and conversing draws us closer- even if thousands and thousands of miles apart. I feel blessed to have many friends around the globe and I’ve only actually met a few of them.

    And, thanks for the kinds words, the example of my accident is proof positive that those “impersonal” virtual contacts are very, very real. I never expected the level of support I have received, but maybe I should have because I am part of one gigantic “global village”.

    SM won’t cure wars or end poverty, but it does do a lot of good things- inside and outside of our souls.

  4. Beth Harte says:

    Hi Kristen, thanks for including me in your post! Social media is good for the soul in so many ways and Tim Jackson’s experience is one of the most touching. Social media is good for the soul because it’s the great leveler.

  5. Barbara Dean says:

    I just signed up for facebook last week. This whole social media thing is new to me. I dont understand what the diffference is between social network, social media, online community….yes, i’m very behind the curve. I was also asked to join this website, because it has a “community” aspect to it, and both of my daughters have braces. However, it doesnt seem to fit into the same genre as facebook at all. Does everyone call every type of website a community?

  6. Simon Slade says:

    Social media can be warming for the soul. I have certainly met a lot of nice people - but I have also come across some really mean folks and comments, too. And I have also felt it.. slightly.. burn my soul.. .from spending too much time online. Overall, though, it’s been a good experience.

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