The Digging-est Dog

4 Comments 27 August 2008

Do you remember that book, The Digging-est Dog? It is about this sweet dog, named Duke, that was adopted from a pet store and had no skills what-so-ever, for doing what dogs do best-digging holes. His friends rejected him because he could not dig and he ached and ached from trying so hard. But Duke’s [...]

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Video Microblogging In 12 Seconds

5 Comments 13 August 2008

I came across a review done by Kate Greene, of Technology Review, regarding a startup microblogging site that just launched at the end of July. 12 Seconds takes a different approach to microblogging in that they allow you to post a 12 second video about what you are doing instead of using text…….. “Using a [...]

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Social Media Dad: Jeff Tippett

Social Media Dads

Social Media Dad: Jeff Tippett

5 Comments 11 August 2008

This guest post comes from Jeff Tippett. Jeff is an Outreach Strategist for Calvert Holdings and one of the authors of the Calvert Creative blog. He is the thirteenth in my series featuring social media dads. “How do you have time to be involved in social media?” I don’t think that I’ve ever conducted a [...]

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Social Networking

Teens In Tech

6 Comments 06 August 2008

15 year old, Daniel Brusilovsky, is not your typical teen. While other kids his age are taking the bus to school, playing baseball and saying “no” to drugs, Daniel is taking his entrepreneurial skills and starting his own business that involves teens and technology. Jason Kincaid, from TechCrunch had an opportunity to meet Daniel at [...]

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