The Digging-est Dog

4 Comments 27 August 2008

Do you remember that book, The Digging-est Dog? It is about this sweet dog, named Duke, that was adopted from a pet store and had no skills what-so-ever, for doing what dogs do best-digging holes. His friends rejected him because he could not dig and he ached and ached from trying so hard. But Duke’s determination finally paid off one day when he gave digging one last try….

“Sammy Brown looked out at me. He saw me digging happily. ‘Good for you Duke’, Sammy cried. ‘I knew you’d do it, if you tried.’ So I dug further. I dug faster. I dug and dug to please my master.”

The story goes on to say the Duke got quite carried away with his digging. So carried away, in fact, that he was labeled a Digg Spammer. He began to “shout for friends” all the time to digg. He stole a top digger’s icon for extra diggs and began leaving threatening comments to those that would not Digg his shouts.

There are many reasons the Digg Community may perceive Duke and others, a social media spammer and Greg, over at 10E20, has a great checklist that everyone should consider when determining whether or not you are seen as the positive social media maven you think you are.

So ask yourself this, do your actions depict you as a nuisance like Duke, or are you keeping your digging under control? After all……..

“Digg is about community participation, NOT about forceful promotion. So take some of these spammier tactics into consideration and help keep the community (and your account) clean.”

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  1. Kelley says:

    I loved that book!

    I have a few people that email/DM Twitter etc me ALL THE TIME demanding that I Digg/Stumble/Kirtsy their stuff. Delete and unsubscribe. I am here for fun not pressure.

  2. Shannon says:

    My favorite childhood book. I remember the entire book by heart. “almost” I’m 40 now. Got it special ordered in 97 from a library as it was no longer in publication. Can’t wait to buy again. It’s an owner one.

  3. Rebecca says:

    This was my favourite childrens’ book. The rhyme was superb! I remember most of it, not least because my mum was called “Mrs Thwaites”! (you need to read it to understand this! Our childhood dog was called “Diggingest Dog” because of it(shortened to “Digby”). Sadly, he too, acquired the ability to dig!!!!


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