Macros, Bots and Scripts…Oh My!

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Macros, Bots and Scripts…Oh My!

32 Comments 18 September 2008

If it isn’t bad enough that the economy is in disarray, or that gas prices are skyrocketing, or that natural disasters are constantly knocking at our back door, now I HAVE BEEN BANNED ON DIGG! I have been a member of the Digg community for over a year and just in the last few months [...]

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Guest Post by Social Media Dad, Brian Wallace from NowSourcing

8 Comments 10 September 2008

Today’s guest post comes from Brian Wallace, founder of social media consulting group NowSourcing and the social media rockstar blog, Collective-Thoughts. Social Media Time Vs. Family Time Social media sites, for those that already consume them, take up a great deal of our day. I don’t mean this in any negative light: it’s just a [...]

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Train For Humanity

5 Comments 09 September 2008

Darfur, a country just about the size of France, is currently the scene of one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, the biggest U.N. aid operation, and the 21st century’s first genocide. As of July 3, 2008 the Genocide Intervention Network estimates that more than 200,000 civilians have died due to violence, malnutrition, and disease [...]

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TechCrunch50 Conference Rocks The Cradle with Four New Social Networking Sites For Kids

1 Comment 08 September 2008

Four companies are gearing up to address the needs of a younger generation of social networkers by presenting their ideas at this year’s TechCrunch50 conference. Here is a list, in no particular order, of social networks aimed at kids under 18, that will not only teach but entertain as well. CNET News reports: iThryv was [...]

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2 Comments 03 September 2008

When I switched from IE two years ago over to Firefox I was immediately consumed with how easy, fun and navigable Firefox was. Well, now Google has come out with their own browser, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, and it is truly making the headlines…….. First Images of Google Chrome Chrome Eliminates Google’s Middleman [...]

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Pass the Online Etiquette Please!

1 Comment 02 September 2008

Today I was reminded at how important manners are when it comes to online profiles. Evidently, two wrestlers, from The University of Nebraska, have been removed from the wrestling team due to their appearance on a pornographic website……… “This incident has made the sports officials realize that web usage by athletes may pose a serious [...]

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