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Pass the Online Etiquette Please!

1 Comment 02 September 2008

Today I was reminded at how important manners are when it comes to online profiles. Evidently, two wrestlers, from The University of Nebraska, have been removed from the wrestling team due to their appearance on a pornographic website………

“This incident has made the sports officials realize that web usage by athletes may pose a serious problem and should be addressed properly since it can damage the image of a team and a university - not only of the athlete in question.”

The fact that this incident occured while these two young men were already enrolled in a four year school is one thing, but what concerns me about today’s youth is the careless attitude of high schoolers that will soon be looking for college opportunities and may be turned down due to their lack of discretion on their online profiles……..

“Usage of internet, including social networking websites, is becoming a serious issue for athletic departments across the US.”

What it boils down to is brand management. Institutions are realizing that the profile of any employee, representative, and/or student, may pose the threat of damaging their reputation so they are taking precautions to prevent that from occurring. For example:

“Chicago’s Loyola University has barred its athletes from having profiles on social networking sites completely.”

It goes without saying that social networking sites are a great way to connect to others when used appropriately. But the schools, the teams and your child really do have a “rep to protect” so teach them how to use these tools for their benefit and not their disappointment.

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  1. Simon Slade says:

    Interesting article. The case of the two wrestlers being removed from their college team is becoming more common these days as a greater number of us are using social networking sites. Here in New Zealand a woman was fired after making inappropriate comments about her employer on her profile. Everyone needs to remember how one action or comment can be easily accessed by a future school, college or employee so maintaining an online reputation that you can be proud of is extremely important. Thanks for reminding us of this with your post.

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