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Networking to Lose Weight

0 Comments 01 January 2009

“Happy New Year Everyone!!” Boy, am I glad to be saying those words. After the year we’ve had, I am so ready to start fresh and create a new lifestyle for myself. But then again, who doesn’t say that at the beginning of every new year? If one of your goals for the new year is to live a healthier lifestyle, you simply must check out CenterNetwork’s annual Web 2.0 Fat-Off list for 2009………

“The Fat-Off is where we provide a list of tools to help you lose weight, maintain your weight or just keep your arse in check. Today is a great day to start a new lifestyle. Most of the tools we’ve listed below offer communities to provide a good support base. What I’ve found is that support from others is critical to the success of any program.”

From gadgets and scales to diets and calories, this list of 10 sites gives each a quick review of what it is and what it can help you accomplish. Social networking never looked so good!

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