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9 Comments 05 March 2009

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I got involved in social media initially the same way many people do - I wrote for a blog and wanted to get it in front of as many eyes as possible.

I found Digg first, then StumbleUpon, then Reddit, Mixx, and on and on. In between, I got hooked on Facebook, decided against LiveJournal and set up a Twitter account. You know the drill. Dip a toe in the water, next thing you know, you’re out at sea, caught in the undertow.

For the most part, I loved it. After a while, I was doing it all purely out of the joy of doing it, and I met some folks I consider to be actual friends - you know, the kind you have in real life.

But as a woman and as a mom (Rafael’s almost 5 and Markus is 2 1/2), I felt, sometimes, as if I were in a boy’s club. I’ve always had lots of male friends, so that didn’t bother me most of the time. Still, it can get a wee bit boring after a while to see the latest hot babe pictures or read yet another “fap fap fap” or “What are you doing out of the kitchen?” comment on a story.

Look, I know they’re kidding and it doesn’t offend or bother me. It just gets a bit old after a while.

We had all that in mind in creating SmakNews, a social media/networking site for women.

newlogo 01 jch large The latest in social media for moms (all women, actually!)

The beta launches next week (March 18) and we’re very excited to share our vision with you all. is far more than just a social bookmarking site. First off, you can write your own news - create a blog, create your own news story. You can then submit that content for others to read and vote on, but the voting isn’t a simple up or down. We’re looking for emotional feedback - Love it/Hate it/Want it/LOL/WTF/etc. Besides choosing your response, you can, of course, comment on the article to your heart’s content.

And we have in mind that while some women devour any celebrity news they can find, others really don’t care about the latest tit-for-tat in the Brangelina/Jennifer Anniston saga. So SmakNews is split in two: For Her and Celebrity news. Each side of the site has plenty of categories to choose from. On the For Her side, you can read about anything from shopping and relationships to tech news and parenting. On the celeb site, you can read about the hottest tween stars so you can converse properly with your daughters or feed your appetite for the biggest tabloid gossip.

What I liked most about the idea is that it gives me both nourishment and candy for my brain. I get a lot of magazines - Consumer Reports, The Week, New Yorker, The Atlantic, Entertainment Weekly (like how I put EW last?) - but the only magazines I can honestly say I read comprehensively and regularly are The Week and Entertainment Weekly.

I’m a geeky tomboy who loves sports and tech and never wears makeup, but I love to buy shoes and can’t stop myself from reading about the latest celebrity breakup. I tire of publications and web sites that act as if we’re all mommies or beauty queens or bubble-headed gossip-mongers.

We know the truth - women are multi-faceted and usually don’t fit into any one (or two or three) categories.

Don’t worry, all the categories are available on SmakNews.

 The latest in social media for moms (all women, actually!)
pixel The latest in social media for moms (all women, actually!)



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9 Comments so far

  1. Michael says:

    Great article loved it:)

  2. Funny guy says:

    What are you doing out of the kitchen? ;)

  3. Faith says:

    I like how you mention that woman are multi-faceted…and we are all quite unique and always evolving!

    Have you ever seen Fatvine? It’s similar in a way - It’s not very popular yet, I found it this summer…if you have a blog it rolls it kind of like technorati (you have to add your url to your profile and pick a default category). But what I really like is it covers a broad variety of topics and displays like a magazine.

    Thanks for sharing SmakNews

  4. AmyV says:

    @Michael - :-)
    @Funnyguy - hahahaha. :-)
    @Faith - I had not heard of fatvine, actually. Interesting. Looks attractive. SmakNews, I believe still has more to offer than Fatvine, but it’s definitely a nice site. I hope that, in the end, all these sites can actually work together.

  5. What a great idea! I spend a lot of time on social media, this is definitely something that interests me. Creating a place for multi-faceted moms to connect, and share theirsame interest is great! Looking forward to seeing the launch!

  6. Talk SEO says:

    Thanks Amy for sharing this new SB link, i will do give it a try and see how it works, well i heard that you love shoes do give this Youtube a try


  7. Can’t wait to see it/be a part of it/get addicted to it!

  8. Great article! I will check it out!


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