Web Video and Interactivity: My Profile Story Has Debuted

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Image via WikipediaBy Benny & Rafi Fine, The Fine Brothers

With the approach of the five year mark of creating films online, our work –and work ethic- leads us to the forefront of the expanding landscape and medium of web video. Our accolades speak for themselves because our work provides the missing piece many other companies, small and large, usually miss: creating engagement and interactive elements to your web series. We have set the next new standard for the industry with the release of our new series for Comedy Central’s, entitled “My Profile Story.”

The series takes viewers onto the social network profile of “Jenny,” and her group of friends who make up her profile page. When Jenny logs off, the site “logs on” springing to life a full-on social network satire. The show doesn’t end with the episodes themselves, the story continues on the fictional website that is featured in the video, as viewers can log on to the real, where they can continue to interact with the characters by becoming their friends, reading their blogs, and joining the community at the site.

This engagement provides web viewers with an entire world to immerse themselves with. So many companies believe videos will magically go “viral”, and though instances of that do happen from time to time, when it comes to narrative web series, a fanbase to watch episode-to-episode is challenging to sustain. Good content is good but not good enough to keep the momentum.

The Internet as a video platform provides ample opportunities to provide personalization and interactivity that is nonexistent for television. Despite this fact, truly interactive web series are few and far between, and the full use of this new medium is only in its infancy. We have always championed interactivity and creating community with our content over the years, and “My Profile Story” is the culmination of all of our experiences and all that we learned with a website that opens vistas, spending time in the fictional world built for you, blurring the line where the video ends, and the web site begins.

Episodes of “My Profile Story” can be seen, and the interactive fictional microsite can be seen at

Benny & Rafi Fine ( are web video pioneers with their 4 plus years on the web and over 25 million views on their films. They speak at conferences around the country on New Media.

pixel Web Video and Interactivity: My Profile Story Has Debuted

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