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Congrats Tamar Weinberg, Newest Social Media Mom

1 Comment 21 May 2009

The Social Media Mom team would like to offer a big Mazal Tov to a true Web 2.0 whiz and new mommy, Tamar Weinberg and husband/new daddy Brian. The Mashable community director and blogger extraordinaire gave birth to a baby boy last evening, six weeks ahead of schedule. Twitter has played an integral part in [...]

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Start Talking to Your Children About their Bodies Early

3 Comments 18 May 2009

I remember growing up I watched the television program Nick News as if it were my religion. Every week Linda Ellerbee would host the news show for children and tweens about world events and educational stories in a way that they could easily understand. I still remember one episode of the show she conducted on [...]

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10 Ways to Change the World Through Social Media

3 Comments 12 May 2009

Our children will inherit a world profoundly changed by the combination of technology and humanity that is social media. They'll take for granted that their voices can be heard and that a social movement can be launched from their laptop. They'll take for granted that they are connected and interconnected with hundreds of millions of people at any given moment. And they'll take for granted that a black man is or was President of the United States.

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How Can WAHMs Land an Interview?

2 Comments 06 May 2009

Whether the last few years on your resume read SAHM or you were a victim of the recent major job cuts worldwide, the current job market has become extremely competitive. What tools are available to someone who has the qualifications, drive, but just hasn’t landed that perfect position yet? Enter 360 Job Interview, a new [...]

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