Start Talking to Your Children About their Bodies Early

3 Comments 18 May 2009

I remember growing up I watched the television program Nick News as if it were my religion. Every week Linda Ellerbee would host the news show for children and tweens about world events and educational stories in a way that they could easily understand. I still remember one episode of the show she conducted on “Stranger Danger.” While the “Stranger Danger” talk is important to have with your children, we know now that over 80% of sexual assault cases committed against children are committed by a person that child knows and trusts. This information, while horrifying, calls for swift changes in how we educate our children about their bodies, sexual assault, and what to do in a case where someone touches them inappropriately.

mybodybelongstome Start Talking to Your Children About their Bodies Early With the times changing so drastically, there is a lot more than we have to educate our children about as they grow older. Conversations that are crucial to have now may not have been conversations that you remember having with your parents. For that reason, Jill Starishevsky, an Assistant District Attorney who has dedicated her career to prosecuting child abuse and sex crimes in New York City, has written a great book to help ease parents into having the conversation about their bodies and who they can trust to go to if someone hurts them.

My Body Belongs to Me is a book written for children on the topic that parents can read to their children to start the conversation. It is written as most typical children’s books are, in words that your child can understand at a very young age. As we read and see news reports of sexual assault cases coming up in children at younger and younger ages, you are participating in a potentially life-saving act by reading this book to your child—It is perhaps the most important book you will ever have the responsibility to share.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    It was very difficult when we were young but now it is far easy than that. I think such media can help parents to communicate the right message at right time. Thanks for sharing the resource.

  2. Zula says:

    I think we should appreciate such material and should read it too often as refresher courses. It is time of awareness and to up bring our kids in more sophisticated way.

  3. caroline says:

    Its very necessary. but the question is, at what age do i start talking to my 3 year old son about his body?

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