Kick Back, Relax, and Join Twitter Moms for the Monthly Wine Tasting Party

No Comments 30 July 2009

It can be pretty difficult to break into the Twitter world and become the power networker that you dream of being; especially if you have no idea how to go about finding the people who would be interested in getting to know more about you, your business, and your brand. Megan Calhoun saw the potential [...]

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Fighting Street Harassment with Twitter

1 Comment 27 July 2009

Regardless of what city you live in or what types of clothes you wear, chances are that if you are a woman who has ever walked down the street for any reason, you have been the recipient of catcalls. Catcalling is a form of street harassment; it includes being the target of leering, whistles, honks, [...]

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Social Media Moms Simplifying Social Media

6 Comments 25 July 2009

Social media platforms have seen tremendous success with bloggers, businesses, and everyone in between. In my observations for the time I started really paying attention to social media, anyone who was anyone had a MySpace account. Whether you wanted to stay in touch with your friends who had moved away, gone to college, or you [...]

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Celebrating Apollo 11′s 40th Anniversary Online

No Comments 23 July 2009

Since I home school our two boys, I’m always on the lookout for fun educational activities. That’s why, when I saw this tweet by Queen of Spain, I had to check it out. Unfortunately, the boys weren’t nearly as impressed as I was at first, watching the preparations in real time is a little slow [...]

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Social Networking

5 Sites That’ll Get You Cookin’

5 Comments 21 July 2009

Whatever you’re looking for, chances are it can be found on the web. This can potentially make things at home run much more smoothly. Say you’re looking for a recipe - to where do you turn? The following five sites are recipe databases online. You’ll find an overall review of their recipes, a featured or [...]

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Twitter isn’t for Instant Gratification

1 Comment 17 July 2009

Every few days (or more, admittedly) I log into my Twitter account to check out who is new on my list of followers and who are worth following back. I have been getting about 5 to 8 new followers a day, yet maybe 1 or 2 of those followers I will actually deem worthy of [...]

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