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6 Comments 25 July 2009

socialmediacloud Simplifying Social Media

Social media platforms have seen tremendous success with bloggers, businesses, and everyone in between. In my observations for the time I started really paying attention to social media, anyone who was anyone had a MySpace account. Whether you wanted to stay in touch with your friends who had moved away, gone to college, or you would see the next day sitting behind you in history class, or if you were a business or blogger advertising your brand and staying up to date on whatever trends were abound, MySpace was pretty much a daily internet-stop that let you advertise liberally and soak in what others thought you may be interested in. Then “Tom” sold his soul to the devil in a matter of speaking, littered MySpace with more ads than space to express yourself or your brand, and people began to stop frequenting their MySpace pages so often moving to the next big social media pond-Facebook. And in most cases, there they stayed. But in addition to Facebook, microblogging has begun to take over pretty much all other social media platforms and it isn’t just Twitter; Twitter just happens to be the most popular at this given moment.

There are virtually countless new social media platforms popping up all the time trying to make it as the next “social media sensation” and while you may be complacent with your Twitter account and think that that is really all you need to advertise yourself and your brand or to stay up to date with the goings on in the world, or whatever else you use Twitter for, just think about MySpace and how in a matter of a few months, one platform can become old news and before you know it, there’s a new social media messiah in town.

It’s always good to get in on a social media platform early. Just look at the success people have had with social media sites when they launched, whether it be appearing in an article for a tech magazine or website or getting the most they can out of the platform as they see big names coming in and having that account early on. It happened with MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and we will see it continue with other social media platforms in the future; and there are more coming out all the time.

With so many different platforms that we have accounts on, it most definitely can become stressful having to update all of your social media accounts on a day-to-day basis. You log into your Facebook account and start connecting with friends on there and update our status and keep connecting with friends and so on. Then you log into your Twitter account and do the same thing. You repeat this process with upwards of 20 times and then the day is over and you have accomplished practically nothing. It can be grueling going through this process, which is why it is almost mandatory to have an account on a site like

pingfm Simplifying Social Media keeps track of all of your social media accounts and lets you update all of them at the exact same time, giving you more time in your day to get some actual work done and not have to be attached to your computer, blackberry, cell phone, or whatever it is that you use to connect yourself to social media constantly. I have used for quite some time now and use it to track many of the social media platforms that I participate on including Twitter, Plurk, LinkedIn,, Brightkite, hi5, kwippy, and of course Facebook and the almost archaic, ‘I don’t know why I still pay attention to this’ MySpace. allows you to create a presence for yourself across the social media board and it allows you to connect with a different audience that appears on each site. Sure, you could run into finding the exact same people that you are connected with on other social media platforms and websites, but there is always a unique audience to be captivated by your brand on each singular platform; you just have to look for them. is not the only service that allows you to post simultaneously to all of your social media accounts, but it is my personal favorite and performs its job as it’s supposed to. If you do start using its service, do not mistake it for your all-in-one social media platform. It is still imperative to log into each of the websites you want to create a presence for yourself on; when using this you just don’t have to log into these websites quite as much, which is definitely a time saver for you and takes a great deal of the stress some experience out of social media.

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  1. Lisa says:

    In your opinion, is it better than Friend feed and why?

  2. acauzee says:

    Ping sounds great gonna have to give it a try! thanks for the blog it is also fantastic.

  3. Frank says:

    I did a post on my blog a while back about and it is an incredible way to keep everyone updated in one place. It’s so simple to use and configure. I believe anyone who interacts frequently with social media should use I have been using it for a while now and I love it. It increases productivity and makes things a lot simpler!

  4. Phil Novara says:

    Funny…I was just looking for the best way to integrate everything, low and behold, you wrote about it on your blog.

    Thank you for the help, I am signing up today!

  5. M Patel says:

    I have used it once for one of my client who is based in NY, USA. We got fantastic results from


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