Twitter isn’t for Instant Gratification

1 Comment 17 July 2009

Every few days (or more, admittedly) I log into my Twitter account to check out who is new on my list of followers and who are worth following back. I have been getting about 5 to 8 new followers a day, yet maybe 1 or 2 of those followers I will actually deem worthy of following back. Why? Well I personally have a very small list of criteria:

  • They must have an avatar.
  • They must have their bio filled out.
  • They must be involved in actual conversations.

crazycomputercat These needs must be met for one reason: validity. It does not matter to me why you have your Twitter account, or any social media account. You could be using it to connect with friends you already know, you could be using it to connect with me personally because you like my blog, you could be using it to promote your own blog, business, or even your MLM business. I will follow you back and connect with you through social media if you bring something to the table; if there’s some meat to you.

When I go through my list of new followers, I have noticed that quite a lot of them are just meaningless spam. Those are not accounted for throughout the rest of this article because this isn’t about Twitter spam; this is about people and businesses using social media without fully understanding how to use it; they are merely seeing the benefits that others, who know what they’re doing when they use it, have achieved and fully believe that social media is something that they can hop right into and see results immediately with.

While social media presents itself as an easy way to make business contacts and while that could be the only reason why you ever signed up for a Twitter or Facebook account; you should invest more than just what you’re trying to advertise in your social media account.

I cannot tell you how many people I check out on Twitter who only Tweet when they have written a new blog post. Their entire list of Tweets are made up of absolutely nothing but the name of their new blog post and a link. Additionally, these same people are following over 3,000 people, yet wonder why they only have about 100 followers.


You need to bring something more to the table other than your blog. As I have pointed out in a past post, social media is your space to share yourself with other people and those other people just may like what you bring to their social media encounters, and that is when the social media magic happens. That is when you begin making real connections with other people who could potentially skyrocket your blog or your business.

My partner just recently created his own Twitter account. He is a professional musician, guitar teacher, and author of various technical guitar and songwriting eBooks. I have been telling him for quite some time about the benefits of social media, but because he did not understand the huge amount of impact that it could have, if done well, he just let me keep telling him how he should get involved in social media without actually doing it. Then one night something clicked for him and he decided to sign up for Twitter. Within a few hours of having his account, he told me that social media did not work and that he got nothing out of it and for that reason, it was not worth pursuing.

This is yet another classic example of someone who has seen the benefits of social media work for some people and then automatically assume that it would work—and work immediately—for them; because come on, how can you go wrong with 140 characters in the first place, right? Without understanding how social media as a whole works and how to work it to your advantage, it doesn’t matter how long you have your Twitter account, the only people who will be keeping track of your updates are your close friends and family, assuming your family is tech-savvy.

The big secret to social media is communication. You follow people whom you think are interesting and who you could see yourself wanting to get to know and who you honestly think would benefit from your fountain of knowledge. The people that you follow ultimately do the same thing and the cycle continues. That, in a nutshell, is the wonderful world of social media. We all have something to learn from each other and once we stop our ‘promote, promote, promote’ mentality, the sooner we actually start connecting with other people who just may happen to turn into beneficial and irreplaceable business contacts and connections.

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  1. Phil Novara says:

    WOW…that was well written. While reading this I started to think to myself about my business twitter account. Then I started to think about my personal twitter and FB feeds.

    Really, it is NOT about linking people to your website…it is generating interesting content to follow, which ultimately links to your website. Not that my biz tweets are “click here” updates, but they could be much more interesting.

    Thanks, this article made me think about some things…

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