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1 Comment 28 August 2009

I love the idea behind Twitter’s #FollowFriday. Introducing one friend to other friends feels natural, like attending a party where you know everyone and bringing a friend around to meet everyone.

The problem on Twitter is that the idea isn’t always the same as the implementation. Receiving a list of people without any description doesn’t tell me much; it especially doesn’t give me a reason that I’d enjoy getting to know the person.

A while back I decided to do my own version of FollowFriday. Instead of posting a list of people with perhaps a short description, I wrote a blog post explaining why I recommended those people.

A friend, Allan Cockerill, loved the idea and ran with it. Every week since, he’s written a FollowFriday post and introduced some fascinating people. icon smile Follow Friday

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No bots here icon smile Follow Friday

Today I thought I’d recommend four Social Media Moms that I think are great:

@susanreynolds has been a friend almost since I started on twitter a couple years ago. Like me, she’s an idea person, and when we get rolling, we can come up with enough ideas to solve half the world’s problems. She is also one of the founders (and the poster girl) for the Frozen Pea Fund, one of my favorite charities. When I was questioning whether I could work and homeschool the boys at the same time, she shared how she had done the same thing with her children, which was just the encouragement I needed. If you’d like to know more about her, she blogs at Case-Notes from the Artsy Asylum.

@AmberCadabra is another friend that I met soon after joining twitter and had fun hanging out with on Plurk. She is the Director of Communications for Radian 6 and writes an awesome social marketing blog, Altitude Branding.

@angesbiz is one of those people who feel like they’ve always been a friend. She writes at Buzzing with Ange and is one of the most positive people I know. She describes herself as a Social Networking addict who loves chocolate. icon smile Follow Friday

@queenmarypat and I first met when another friend, @LindaZimmer, suggested I join the Virtual Coffee Dates Group on Skype (which I’ll write about another time, it’s an awesome group and you can join on Facebook as well). MaryPat teaches social media marketing strategies to other mompreneurs and blogs at Queen of Marketing if you’d like to learn more about her.

And now, I have a request. Is there a Social Media Mom that you’d like to see mentioned in a Follow Friday follow-up post? If so, post their twitter name and a short introduction to them, telling why you think we should get to know them. I look forward to seeing your recommendations! icon smile Follow Friday

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  1. Ange Recchia says:

    Hey Teeg! Thanks for the mention :)

    Here in Australia, we spell it mum, as you know, and my kids play around at times and call me mom (and pronounce it so, lol).

    Great idea for followfriday posts. I’ve seen Allan’s posts too and thought it’s a clever way to do this.

    It really is amazing the friendships which happen because of twitter. I’ve had some really good experiences and even found like-minded people to work with. My experience with Twitter and other social networking sites has always been positive to date.

    Have an excellent day lovely lady!

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