SeamlessWeb: Trade Kitchen Time for Family Time

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Let’s preface this by saying I absolutely love to cook nearly any type of cuisine and for large amounts of people. That usually occurs once a week as a little dinner party (well, by little I mean around forty people), and things thankfully turn out pretty darn good.

Here’s the problem: There are only 24 hours in a day, in which you need to run a household, do your paid work, bathe, eat (which usually means cooking time), and sleep. What’s missing there? Oh, right, family time. You know your family, those people you live with and see on occasion, or those kids that have made you and your vehicle into their personal limo service.

Of course, there’s the option to go a restaurant with rude waiters, noisy patrons, and silverware that isn’t quite as clean as it should be. The other option is to order in, which may seem like the lazy way out of things, but with all that you have to do -  it’s it’s a great way to free up an hour or two of your day for the family.

My favorite to order in from is SeamlessWeb, a sort of umbrella food delivery service. They are located in 14 different cities and feature menus from restaurants serving all types of cuisines, including those catering to dietary restrictions. While mostly businesses use it outside of New York City, it’s still very easy for the individual to order food from. As the chart (below) shows, you order food from your computer, where SeamlessWeb will send the order to the restaurant to print. The restaurant then confirms your order, estimates delivery time, and shoots over an e-mail to you letting you know when you can expect the food. Then they deliver it when it’s ready, of course. Pretty simple, but it cuts out an unnecessary step for the consumer while providing a solid amount of options from which to choose.

howdoesitwork SeamlessWeb: Trade Kitchen Time for Family Time

They’re fully running in New York, and have expanded to limited areas in other cities. Check out their website, which you can input the delivery address and check if SeamlessWeb offers service in your area. I also really like that they’ve joined and are active on Twitter … someone even proposed marriage to them!

pixel SeamlessWeb: Trade Kitchen Time for Family Time

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