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4 Comments 23 December 2009

babybragblog Baby BragblogMy son is about to turn  seven months and I’ve made two parenting goals for my winter vacation: teach my baby to sleep in his own bed and finally compile and update his baby book.  As I scrolled through the countless pictures and videos we’ve taken, moving them to a “to print” file, to later be placed in the pre-determined pages of my baby book, I realized the absurdity of my actions.  My in-laws and parents live a thousand miles away, as do all of my baby’s aunts and uncles.  What good is a brag book that no one sees except for me and my husband?  Why should I risk the permanence and singularity of hand-written answers and low-quality digital prints from kinkos, when I could share my adorable little one with family and friends? Its flexible, its extensive, its printable, its everything I dreamed it would be.  Now what?

My first thought was to simply Google “online baby book” and click on the first relevant link.  As you can imagine, my search was a bit vague, but all the sites boiled down to three options.  Do I want to customize a baby book?  Do I want to host a website devoted entirely to my child instead of the traditional printed baby book?  Or do I want to have a free, but mediocre combination of the two, with the option of a paid upgrade later?

I first looked at the combination baby book webiste options.  Baby Chapters, not to be confused with Little Chapters, boasts its the “best online baby book.”  Among Baby Chapter’s best features were its compatibility with Facebook, automatically updating both at the same time and giving the ability to share pictures and videos.  Its also very private, allowing only invited visitors with your predetermined password to access your child’s page.  Little Chapters provided synergy with Flickr and customized website, which wasn’t as private.  Both sites had the option of printing and/or gifting your baby book, but Baby Chapters runs around $32 for 24 pages and Little Pages was about $50 for 80 pages, and both urged paid extended membership for a larger variety of backgrounds, printing options, and pre-designed pages. These seemed like fair options, but I was curious to look further.

Kidmondo seemed to provide almost everything the book printing websites offered, but had fewer printing options.  To make up for it, they allow the user to track dental and medical records and keep up with their baby’s sleep and eating schedule.  It’s features also extend into childhood, so a parent doesn’t have to stop keeping track after child’s first, second or third birthday.

For the more traditional baby book seeker, Big Day Books or U Build A Book may be more your style.  Big Day seemed a bit pricey for my taste; around $85 for a single book with about 40 pages.  The sample pages were darling, but didn’t seem like you could personalize them.  In my culture we have several baby traditions that I wouldn’t be able to create a custom page for.  I really like the openness and affordability of U Build A Book, they provide you with a free program to completely design your own book, and they print it for you. The downside to this is the space the program takes on your computer and the added investment of energy and time it takes to design the book completely from scratch!

As for my final decision, I decided to go with a combination of Kidmondo and Baby Chapters.  I’ve already made use of many of Baby Chapter’s features and have enjoyed filling in milestones and writing captions!

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  1. MBelury says:

    I am impressed with the different options! As a long distance grandmother, I would love to be able to go online and see updates of my grandchild. You are right about the baby book that is only pulled out once in a blue moon and only a few people ever see it.

  2. bassinets says:

    Thanks for the nice list of resources. I will gladly pass this article along to my fellow mom readers.


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