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Getting the Bang for Your Buck

1 Comment 29 December 2009

The boots are in the shopping cart -  I like the way they look, I like the price, I am ready to purchase.  Then my husband walks through the door.  Before he buys anything online, he searches for the cheapest price, for coupon codes, for promotions, and first time account holder promos.  Very often we end up saving up to 20% or even more.

To start with, we enter the item we wish to buy in Google shopping. Pictures of the item appear with links to every store that sells it online.  By simply looking through we are able to find it for the cheapest selling price of the moment.

We then search for coupon codes of stores selling the item. Retail Me Not and Coupon Cabin are great sites that allow you to search for coupons by typing in the website, or finding the store in alphabetical order.  Not all coupons work, some expire, but we get lucky enough times to come back!

onlinecoupon Getting the Bang for Your Buck

Lots of online stores give you a discount with your first purchase.  For example Shoe Buy gives a 10% discount on your first purchase when you sign up.  So I sometimes find my husband opening new accounts for me that he already opened for himself.  Gilt gives you a $25 gift when you invite a friend and they purchase their first item.

Cashback sites such as Fat Wallet and Bing allow you to keep an account with them.  Anytime you purchase something by clicking a link on their website to a particular store, you receive a percentage, depending on the store, of cash back.  You can elect to have the check sent to you straight away, or wait till you have accumulated a substantial amount.  This is particularly good for large purchases.

Deal News is another favorite for my husband.  I often catch him scrolling down a long list of literal steals ’till something catches his eye.  I think we bought our toaster oven there.

Yes it is very time consuming, and I do not usually have the patience.  I try to make an effort, and my husband is usually happy to finish off what I have started!

pixel Getting the Bang for Your Buck

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  1. morahmommy says:

    I have found that I get more use out online coupons than I do from clipping coupons from newspapers or magazines. Thanks for the helpful websites!

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