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1 Comment 30 December 2009

mommybloggers WWW: Womans World WebFemNetism. Add that to your Urban Dictionary and smoke it!  Finally, an employer that doesn’t wonder whether we’ll take maternity leave or quit after two years to get married.  The world wide web doesn’t look down its nose at us ‘Mommy Bloggers’ in our spit-up stained sweatshirts and unpainted faces or raise on eyebrow at the BlogHers who may or may not be burning their brassieres.  Equal opportunity employer has a new meaning when it comes to those of us employed by the web, or facets thereof.  Although technology has been traditionally seen as a man’s vocation and vice, the flexible hours and content matter that social media affords is too tempting to pass up.  According to the 2009 Women and Social Media Study done by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, women all over the world are not just taking the world wide web by storm via blogging and other social media outlets, but they also care very much about what their fellow woman bloggers have to say.  85% of the nearly 4000 women when asked, said they had made purchases influenced by reports written by another woman through her own social media avenue.

This evening, I listened to Women in Media Predictions via Radio Blog by Tech in Twenty and was interested to hear the dialogue of three female bloggers who have made their pastimes into their professions.  An interesting note made by one of the guests speakers was that blogging is not just a means to a paycheck, but a very real way to create a social network.  I happen to agree.  As people read each other’s blogs for simple intentions (whether its advice about a product or travel or whatever), we begin to imagine the person typing at the other end of the screen.  Indeed, a form of  interaction that was taking a downturn in recent times has been reinstated: writing.  There was once a time when pen pals were popular and exciting, when hand-written thank you notes and letters to our grandmothers were everyday.  And its back, only this time instead of one pen pal we have millions and Grandma doesn’t have to wait five business days to hear from you! Blogging has become a modern day beauty parlor, where one can gossip and relate stories and take care of business simultaneously.

 WWW: Womans World Web
pixel WWW: Womans World Web

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  1. MBelury says:

    I have taken up writing more in the last couple of years. I now understand and can relate to the importance of writing. I am still rather new to the social networking phenomena. I just finished watching the movie “Julie and Julia”, where Julie blogged about her year of cooking from Julia Child’s cookbook. The movie was a powerful testimony to the power of blogging. (And a pretty good movie!)

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