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Saving the World One Click at a Time

3 Comments 18 January 2010

20100120170803 215x300 Saving the World One Click at a TimeI love good old-fashioned snail mail donation request envelopes that come with a free page of address labels adorned with flowers or puppies, but lately giving online has become more exciting seeing than “free gift enclosed” printed on the outside of some of my envelopes.  This may stem from the fact that sometimes its even FREE (for me) to give to charities.

This all started on December 28th, when I realized I had forgotten an old friend’s birthday.  I rushed to her Facebook page and noticed she had asked all of her Facebook well-wishers to donate what they could at Unite for Sight with whom she will be volunteering in Ghana.  I donated $5, which was nice of me, I know, but the really cool thing was that the website actually tracks the monies donated, so I’ve been looking to see how close Emily is to her goal!

Since you’re on Facebook already (I know I am), you might consider taking a look at the Causes application, instead of feeding your chickens on Farmville or whatever meaningless applications you may have been sucked into.

Giving my own money was good, but when several of my friends invited me (to put it nicely) via Facebook to vote for Friendship Circle, which matches teenage volunteers with special needs children, to win $1 Million through Chase Community Giving Program I was hooked.  With a click of a button, I could direct major corporations to donate to charities I deem important.  I happy to note that the recent tragedy in Haiti, wasn’t on the ballot Chase is giving a matching $1 million to fund Haitian relief.

It gets simpler, with hundreds of non-profits providing ‘click to donate’ buttons on sites like, which provides ample information about the cause, the sponsors and how get more involved, or click to donate directories for organizations near and far.

Apparently giving online, in any form, is quite trendy right now, but to me giving economic direction to large corporations is quite a novelty.  As a life-long environmentalist, I have often seen conglomerate businesses portrayed as the bad guy, but ‘click to give’ is bringing everyone together!

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  1. MrsCohen says:

    Just goes to show how easy our lives have become. These sites allow us to do a good deed in a matter of seconds. Its great! It also lends support to a world of instant everything: fulfillment, gratification, entertainment…

  2. I used to know a girl who volunteered there. Totally dedicated, and a great organization. I voted for them myself, also at the instigation of a friend who made me aware of this :) .

  3. Freya says:

    This was a great idea to get corpotates and individuals together for a cause. :) I was campaigning for my onw - The Isha Foundation.


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