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I’ve always stereotyped the ‘work at home’ mom scenario. I’ve seen plenty of hard-working and hopeful women try their hand at Avon and Mary Kay (both of which now have representatives selling their products online).  Other moms get tangled in phony ‘business opportunities’ that leave them hundreds of dollars poorer with not much to show for it.

I love my job as a preschool teacher, but I am wondering if moving to Baltimore could be an opportunity for a new career for me. As the internet becomes streamlined in all aspects of our lives. This transformation doesn’t just benefit moms, it also causes less resources to be wasted in transportation and office management. In other words, working at home doesn’t just set a good home environment, it also saves the global environment! Sounds too good to be true? Well maybe it is. Like any technology, the internet is what you make of it. It can be a invaluable educational and professional resource or it can consume your time, money and energy.  How is a naive mom to know which business opportunities are right for her?  Many of these ‘legitimate jobs’ have advanced requirements and low pay.  Of those, which require set-up fees or an advanced knowledge of communications? To try to make sense of the options out there, I’ve organized the types of work at home positions I found and tried to give a few examples of seemingly credible employers.  Please feel free to add your own examples or tips!

  • The Franchiser - this includes selling Tupperware, knives or cosmetics.  These usually involve an initial payment to get you started.
  • The Do-it-your-selfer - be your own boss and explore your own creativity.  This can range from making your own gift baskets to running a childcare service out of your home. Just because you’re not paying for a start-up kit, however, your own start up kit and business maintenance may cost you more than you expect.
  • The Internet Technician - these kinds of positions require training and a perfected resume.  The good news is you can find them at career and job websites like The bad news is that some of them require hefty experience and training (unless you’re interested in telemarketing)
  • The Blogger/Writer - these jobs vary by content, qualifications and even pay.  Many of the positions I saw paid around $10/hr, though guides for are paid around $2000/mo.  For a mommy blogger, hires moms at a measly $4 per blog, but there’s plenty of freedom in content and timing.

All in all, I love writing here as a Social Media Mom and maybe elsewhere online, but I don’t think I’ll quit looking for a day job.

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  1. Donna R. says:

    Personally I like the “do-it-your-selfer” option the most. You get to do what you love and if your business takes off, sky is the limit.

  2. Jefferey says:

    I’m a stay at home dad, and I find anything one can do to contribute helps.

    I fall under the “do-it-your-selfer” category.



  3. E says:

    Some people won’t agree, but getting a job is not much more secure than running your own business. Remember, someone can turn off all your income with the words “you’re fired!“

    (Also, is the pink designed to scare away male commenters? I can’t see my own comments!) :-p

  4. Alaina says:

    Hey there, love the post! I have been working from home for nine years now and have tried many things. I also run a blog about legitimate work from home jobs at I have always tried to stick with the jobs versus the businesses because I need to have a guaranteed income.
    I used to do virtual call center work from home and data entry. Now I do seasonal grading of standardized testing. I also do freelance writing for several sites and work as a search engine url rater for Leapforce. I think having a variety guarantees having enough work and having a variety to keep yourself interested.


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