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I’ve just recently been introduced to and already find myself  hooked! It is extremely user-friendly; to start with, I was able to use my Facebook account to sign up. Meaning, I have one less set of account information to remember. Like most online accounts they send out a “Daily Digest,” but unlike most I receive, I actually read theirs from beginning to end. I actually find every bit of text interesting and useful.

mamapedia Mamapedia!

To fully understand what I mean, I am going to explain the various attributes of their site. To begin with, you are able to set your profile to your specific location, allowing you to obtain local information relevant to you. Each member is able to ask questions of other mothers, who may not be professionals, but definitely have the necessary experience in the mothering field. There is a full range of categories that are subcategorized to ease your search for previously asked questions as well. You can then view currently asked questions and help others by sharing your own advice and solutions. This creates a beautiful ‘give and take’ community. And because of the large volume of members, your questions are bound to be answered. I just love the assortment of questions! An example of a current question:
Am I Asking Too Much?

My husband and I both work full time. He works at least 50hrs a week, I work at least 35 usually 40. My home is not immaculate by any means, but I try to keep it together the best I can. My days off are filled with cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, bills ect. Which doesn’t leave a lot of free time for fun. My question is am I expecting too much help from my husband. For example… we are both off today. He let me sleep in until 9am and he got our son ready and off to school. Super nice of him. However, now I am getting irritated because there is so much to get done around the house and he is just sitting and watching tv. He asked what we should do today and I said that I wanted to get the family room and our bedroom up to snuff. Which means dusted, vacuumed, laundry put away, this is in addition to my other daily “chores”. He thinks I am overly clean. Am I being a jerk because I feel like he should find something productive to do around the house, instead of sitting around?”

Click on the link to the question to view responses. Many of us lead similar lives: married, children, and working – we are bound to overlap experiences. Some questions are very tempting to respond to, especially when you feel you can relate. While I am not a very active member, I love reading people’s responses and am very grateful to those who do take the time to help others.

Another great component of that initially got me excited was the timeline. It allows you to add your children to your profile and record their developments on individual timelines. I always worried about forgetting to write down when my son took his first steps, or losing the book I recorded it in. Thankfully my fears have been relayed because I can automatically enter these events into the site, and I can always find a computer!

Being a new member of Mamapedia, I’m sure there’s more to this site than I’ve listed: forums, current event articles, local searches. I strongly recommend all mothers try it out, and while you do, check out the Member Perks!

pixel Mamapedia!

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  1. jennifer says:

    I got ripped off on this site - paid $30 for what turned out to be $20 tickets. I have tried many times to contact them and no one has ever replied = never again!!


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