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5 Comments 05 January 2010

mommy comic The Mother of all Netventions

In the not so distant past newly minted mommies had to *gasp* figure out their problems for themselves.  Thankfully new moms aren’t alone anymore.  Through any number of online networks, mothers (and fathers) can share their post-baby body woes or compare notes about their wild nights.

When I had my son last May, my mother was my lifeline for the first few days of his life.  As I struggled with my son’s lack of dirty diapers and inability to ‘latch on‘ during nursing sessions, my mother assuaged my fears and told me of her own difficulties as a new, single mother.

“You barely ate anything for the first few weeks, but I never gave up trying,” she told me. The day after I left the hospital, my husband, newborn and I drove my mother to the airport. I was hysterical. When I got home I sought female comfort, but due to third-degree laceration, I could barely move and wasn’t up to entertaining company.   I reached out to the easiest and most open nurturer I could find: the huge society of mommies online. I signed up for several baby and mommy e-newsletters. Some of them, like Facebook’s Circle of Moms, didn’t calaculate my son’s birth appropriately and sent me way too many updates.  Others, like Baby Center,  were gently empathetic, helpful and sent me coupons!  Speaking of coupons, I also signed up online to get freebies from Gerber and Huggies and have been well rewarded!  Gerber sends me coupons for up $15 off of formula and Huggies regularly sends me $3 off any mega-pack or larger.  Just a note, beware of the 10% and $25 off code at  I’m not saying its a disreputable site, but that particular coupon is misleading.  I would only recommend them for hard-to-find diaper and baby products.  More recently, I’ve been more interested in a more global community of women and found some interesting groups and blogging personalities at

As I head towards my new home in Baltimore, and consequently temporary unemployment, I have also stumbled on a site called Mommies Online that may keep me busy in my new community.  Mothers from all backgrounds and countries are uniting on a professional level, as seen at the Haredi Women Professionals Network.  If you know of similar sites please share!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi! Thanks for the link to HWP!

    You might be interested to know that HWP (now Kishor) is hosting a Social Media Conference for women only at the end of January. It’s a first-of-its-kind event.

    More information is available at www [dot] professionaljewishwomen [dot] org



  2. Matt says:

    I’m so sorry that you had a challenging time with coupons at We pride ourselves on “wowing” the moms who come shop with us, but it sounds like we missed the boat with you.

    We frequently offer coupons to new customers to encourage them to come try our site. We do that because we know that we’ll provide an amazing experience for them on an ongoing basis. For example, we provide free 1-2 day delivery on all $49+ orders (which most of our customers find very attainable), a Best Online Price Guarantee, a huge assortment (We Deliver Everything but the Baby!), and the best Customer Care around.

    We know that, even without further coupons, our service and convenience will help make mom’s life just a little bit easier. Of course, we still have a variety of promotions for returning customers throughout the year, as well as a couple of major sales each year.

    In any event, we hope that you’ll come give us another try. If you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to reach out to us directly 24 hours a day at or 1-800-Diapers.

    Matt L.
    Associate Director of Marketing

  3. morahmommy says:

    Thank you for the tip Sarah. Although it seems I’ll miss the event in Yerushalayim, perhaps I’ll look into purchasing a taped lecture.

  4. morahmommy says:

    Matt of,
    I compared the prices at to those at the nearby stores and even with the extra coupons you provided, the prices came out to be exactly the same. I remain committed to my statement that unless I’m looking for something specific (biodegradable diapers or inserts for cloth diapers) its more convenient and affordable (as I said in my post, I get great coupons for Huggies) to shop in my local supermarket.
    Thank You,
    Morah Mommy

  5. This is the first I visited your blog and i love it. Bookmarked it already. Keep up the good work.

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